Chip In Your Support For This Beautiful LEGO Scania Next Generation LEGO Ideas Submission

If you love the idea of a LEGO set based on a real-life truck, or in this case, a semi, like the Scania Next Generation, then you may want to consider chipping your one precious support on LEGO Ideas for this creation called LEGO Scania Next Generation S730 by LEGO Ideas member mpj83.

Scania’s New Autonomous Truck Concept Does Away With The Cabin

Autonomous vehicles are, well, self-driving and so, why should it even have a cabin with steering wheel? It should not as proven by Swedish commercial vehicle maker, Scania, with a new cab-less concept called Scania AXL Autonomous Truck Concept.

Electric Highway Is A Reality, But It Is Not What You May Have Imagined

When the automobile industry started seriously exploring electric drive, someone actually wanted to solve the range issue associated with poor battery life with highways that can charge the electric cars. Well, guess what? It has become a reality, sort of. Germany’s power and automation company Siemens, in partnership with Swedish truck maker Scania, has made …