Autonomous vehicles are, well, self-driving and so, why should it even have a cabin with steering wheel? It should not as proven by Swedish commercial vehicle maker, Scania, with a new cab-less concept called Scania AXL Autonomous Truck Concept.

Scania AXL Autonomous Truck Concept is an autonomous connected transport concept that runs on renewable biofuel. So, no. It isn’t electric as most would have assume it to be.

Scania AXL Autonomous Truck Concept

Anyways, that got me thinking, what if Scania were to marry its autonomous cab-less concept with eMining eDumper? Wouldn’t it a match made in heaven? Just throwing it out there.

As you probably have already noticed, Scania AXL Autonomous Truck Concept is a heavy duty truck designed for use in the construction and mining industries.

That kind of makes sense, since mining and construction sites are closed and therefore make for ideal environments for self-driving vehicles. It will nice to see it on electric drive, though I have stress that mining, in whatever shape or form, is never eco-friendly to start with.

Ignoring eco-friendliness and its intended duties aside, we can’t stop admiring of the futuristic design of the Scania AXL Autonomous Truck Concept.

The design kind of reminds me of the fictional M577 Armored Personnel Carrier seen in the sci-fi horror flick, Alien (1979, Twentieth Century Fox).

Obviously, the Scania AXL Autonomous Truck Concept isn’t a personnel carrier and the M577 wasn’t quite autonomous even though it was set in the future. I guess back in 1979, the concept of self-driving vehicle wasn’t born yet or at least, not considered as a possibility.

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Anywho, continue reading to find a short clip of the Scania AXL Autonomous Truck Concept in action.

All images courtesy of Scania AB.

Source: Cool Material.

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