Anduril Roadrunner Twin-Turbojet VTOL Autonomous Air Vehicle: Anti-Air Threats Weapon That Can Return To Base

This is Roadrunner-M by military hardware maker Auduril. It is a variant of the Anduril Roadrunner Twin-Turbojet VTOL Autonomous Air Vehicle. The Roadrunner here has nothing to do with the road, though. It is a reusable, VTOL, operator-supervised Autonomous Air Vehicle powered by Twin-Turbojet and boasts modular payload configurations allowing it to be adapted to …

Honda’s First Battery-powered Electric Zero-turn Riding Mower Is Autonomous Too

The rising cost of manpower as well as the shortage has affected many industries – landscaping included. Thankfully though, there is technology to help alleviate this. One such technology, specifically for the landscaping industry, is the Honda Autonomous Work Mower (AWM), which combines cutting performance and operator comfort with high location accuracy and obstacle detection.

This Is Honda Cruise Origin, An Autonomous Vehicle That Will Enter Service In Tokyo In Early 2026

You may not hear a lot about it but yes, there are companies out there still developing autonomous vehicles, specifically for the masses. Honda is one of them. Last week, the Japanese automaker entered a MOU with Cruise and General Motors to provide driverless ride service in Japan in early 2026.

This Is GEN.TRAVEL, Volkswagen’s Vision Of Autonomous Vehicle

Is the future really all about autonomous vehicles as we have seen in movies like I, Robot (2004, 20th Century Fox), and Minority Report (2002, 20th Century Fox)? I can’t say for sure but judging from what many automakers and non-automakers like Kyocera and Huawei are working on, it may be the case. Perhaps, the …

A Look At How Driving Might Change By 2030

Right now, we’re living in an exciting time of change and revolution, especially when it comes to the car industry. Driving is changing a lot, and in the next few years, is set to be drastically different than it was just a decade ago. With recent government announcements to cease all sales of new internal …

Lincoln Model L100 Concept Is Designed To Be Autonomous From The Get-Go

At some point, we’d tell ourselves why we bother to feature concept cars when most of them will never make it to production but each time we cannot resist their allure. I mean, just look at the Lincoln Model L100 Concept Electric Vehicle. We know, it will not make it to production as-is, and yet …

Agora E Autonomous Vehicle Is Designed As An Assembly Area On The Move

Zero emissions autonomous vehicles are not new but have you heard of zero emissions, autonomous Social Riding EV? Well, zero emissions, autonomous Social Riding EV is exactly what the Agora E by Ponti Design Studio is. It is a concept of autonomous EV designed to promote social interactions in the post-Covid future, in Hong Kong.

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