BOMAG Robomag Autonomous Tandem Roller: Part Of The Future Of Road Construction

Considering how complex we humans are on the roads, autonomous transportation is far from reality. However, the technology is there and so, it makes a ton of sense to deploy this tech in controlled environment like agriculture and construction. Speaking of construction… Fayat Group’s BOMAG is exploring the world of autonomous construction vehicle with BOMAG […]

Scania’s New Autonomous Truck Concept Does Away With The Cabin

Autonomous vehicles are, well, self-driving and so, why should it even have a cabin with steering wheel? It should not as proven by Swedish commercial vehicle maker, Scania, with a new cab-less concept called Scania AXL Autonomous Truck Concept.

Autonomous Road Sweeper To Go On Trial In Singapore

It looks like the government of tiny island state of Singapore is totally obsessed with the idea of autonomous vehicles. Not so much with everyday passenger vehicles, though, but for other purposes like shore-to-ship deliveries, public transportation (buses and trains) and now, even road sweepers. In response to the government’s call for autonomous road sweepers […]

RoboSense LiDAR Allows GACHA Self-driving Bus To Work Even In Snow

We just reported on the world’s first full-size self-driving electric bus in Singapore and now, we hear that there’s a new LiDAR technology, one of the key components in self-driving technology, that could function in extreme cold. A tropical country like Singapore, most electronics shouldn’t have any issue, but in a country like Finland with […]

World’s First Full-size Self-driving Electric Bus Goes On Trial In Singapore

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore and Volvo Buses, in collaboration with Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA) has launched the world’s full-size autonomous electric bus on March 5, 2019. The 12-meter (40-foot) long, single-deck electric bus is a Volvo 7900 electric bus is outfitted with LiDAR sensors, stereo-vision cameras and navigation controls managed by a […]

Stop & Shop Wants To Bring The Grocery Store To Your Doorstep With This Self-Driving Vehicle

As it turns out, googly-eyed robots are not the only high-tech hardware Ahold Delhaize USA has planned for its supermarket chain in the U.S. This spring, Stop & Shop will launch driver-less grocery vehicles in Boston, so you can buy meal kits and other convenience items right at your doorstep. Think of Stop & Shop […]

Volvo’s New Autonomous Concept Is Basically A Mobile Bedroom

Afraid of flying? Well, fret not because, in future you may be able to embrace the safety of the land and travel in absolute comfort in an autonomous car like the newly unveiled Volvo 360c Autonomous Concept Car which will make you feel like you are traveling in a $20,000 per flight suite on an […]

Volvo To Supply Uber With Autonomous Drive-compatible Cars

Sometimes, it is funny how things out in life. In recent years, especially the last, the talks of autonomous vehicle were pretty active with Google seems likely to be the first to embark on the world’s first. But then, suddenly there are a handful of them making head ways in autonomous drive. Among them was […]

Grizzly Robotic Utility Vehicle

granted that the Grizzly Robotic Utility Vehicle might not be something an average ordinary folk would buy, but still its appeal to geeks are just about the same as any other gadgets on this planet. developed by Canadian robotic development firm Clearpath Robotics, the Grizzly Robotic Utility Vehicle is an autonomous four-wheel drive robotic platform