You may not hear a lot about it but yes, there are companies out there still developing autonomous vehicles, specifically for the masses. Honda is one of them. Last week, the Japanese automaker entered a MOU with Cruise and General Motors to provide driverless ride service in Japan in early 2026.

Honda Cruise Origin Autonomous Vehicle

GM, Cruise, and Honda have introduced a new driverless ride service featuring the Cruise Origin vehicle. This self-driving vehicle has no driver’s seat or steering wheel and offers a spacious cabin for up to six passengers. Customers can book rides through a dedicated app on their smartphones, from hailing to payment.

The service is set to launch in central Tokyo in early 2026, initially with dozens of Cruise Origins and eventually expanding to a fleet of 500 vehicles. The goal is to offer a unique mobility experience to a broad range of customers, including business travelers, families, and visitors.

Expansion to areas outside central Tokyo is also part of the plan. I am not going to lie. The main reason why we are talking about this is because of how cool the autonomous vehicle looks. Call me superficial or whatever but you cannot design the Honda Cruise Origin Autonomous Vehicle looks absolutely fantastic.

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Honda Cruise Origin Autonomous Vehicle

Not a lot is known about this transport of the near future though. The Honda Cruise Origin made its first public appearance this week at the Honda booth at the Japan Mobility 2023 (formerly Tokyo Motor Show) at Tokyo Big Site. It is a closed exhibition until October 28 when it will open to the public until November 05, 2023.

Real-life autonomous transportation is not exactly new though. It was trialed at the Yellowstone National Park two years ago. Over in Singapore, autonomous buses have been shuttling guests on Sentosa island, while paid autonomous bus service was piloted back in 2021, also in Singapore. Plus, driverless buses are expected to operate soon in three European cities.

Honda Cruise Origin Autonomous Vehicle

Images: Honda [JP].

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