The rising cost of manpower as well as the shortage has affected many industries – landscaping included. Thankfully though, there is technology to help alleviate this. One such technology, specifically for the landscaping industry, is the Honda Autonomous Work Mower (AWM), which combines cutting performance and operator comfort with high location accuracy and obstacle detection.

Honda Electric Autonomous Work Mower Prototype

This high-tech lawn maintenance equipment is totally capable of detecting terrain variation too. The AWM can operate in manual or autonomous mode, learning and replicating mowing routes. Thanks to GNSS positioning, it can accurately create a mowing route map taught by an operator and then use this map, and GNSS, to precisely maneuver the lawn.

Honda aims to enhance the efficiency of lawn care and landscaping companies while offering an eco-friendly, zero-emission solution. Honda plans to launch a pilot program in 2024, seeking companies to assess its applicability in various work environments. The AWM aligns with Honda’s commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 and offers an innovative solution for the landscaping industry.

Honda Electric Autonomous Work Mower Prototype

As you can probably already tell, this ain’t for your backyard. The Honda Electric Autonomous Work Mower is designed with the landscaping industry in mind. But if you have a Neverland Ranch-size property, then I am sure your gardener will be more than happy to have one to help him or her out.

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Honda Electric Autonomous Work Mower Prototype

Images: Honda.

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