not wanting a smartphone-capable smoke detector doesn’t mean you have live with ugly looking items. as much as we are enticed by the idea like Canary and more recently, the Nest Protect, we also understand being connected and having a do-it-all smoke detector aren’t everyone’s cuppa of Earl Grey. that said, we would like you to meet the First Alert Atom Smoke Alarm, a smoke detector that is both functional and at the same time, offers you safety with a sense of style. unlike most smoke alarm in the market, the Atom measures an incredibly compact and unobtrusive 1.5 inches across and is available in a variety of decorative finishes ranging from wood grain to stainless steel to bronze, to fit seamlessly into virtually any home decor.

packed into its minuscule package is an advanced micro technology, promising maximum protection with lesser false alarms and comes supplied with long-lasting lithium battery, while a lithium CR2 has the device covered in the event that you forgot to replace the battery when it hits the low. and the fact that it was recently named a 2013 Chicago Innovation Award winner is a testimony of the product’s commitment to superior performance in a stylish package and at an affordable price point. speaking of price, this pretty little life saving device only cost $24.99 a pop. yea. we know. we were surprised too.

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