smoke detector is the last thing we would be featuring here, but not this particular one: the Canary Smart Smoke Detector. just the word ‘smart’ is good enough to warrant our attentions. as you might have already guessed, the Canary is more than just a smoke detector. first off, it is pleasing to the eyes (a refreshing change to those ugly and uninspiring items offered in the market) and secondly, it is also the one device that monitors the air quality, carbon monoxide content in the air and of course, smoke level. these datas are user-trackable via a dedicated web app on iOS, Android, as well as BlackBerry devices. the app also allows you to silence the alarm without having to reach out to the device physically and be informed of the Canary’s battery status so you won’t be left with a dead smoke detector without even realizing it. and worthy of its Canary namesake, this little tweety will sonically inform you of status with chirps, and of course, those alerts will also be pushed to your smartphone, letting you know whether it is just battery low, or is it an emergency.

the Canary is not just a modern day tech-infused device, but it is designed to work with landline phones, where non-smartphone savvy users can just pickup the landline phone and “call” the device to get updates on the battery, previous alerts and even check on the air quality. and when the alarm do go off, the device will “call” you with details with the alert and even patch you through the authorities, if necessary. in addition, assuming that this device is being use in most homes in a city, the air quality data collected by these devices will be collated and eventually, an air quality map can be generated so you will be in the know of the air quality of the various locations of the city you are in. of course, the Canary is more than what we are able to detail here, to find out more, check out a product introduction video after the break, or hit up the source link below to learn more.

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