identity theft is pretty scary, but nothing scares us more than credit card thefts. especially now with RFID technology, ripping off our hard-earned money from us has never been easier. not exactly a good news, no doubt. if you are as paranoid as us, then perhaps The STOCK Wallet will give you some peace of mind. The STOCK Wallet is a compact RFID protected wallet that will keep your RFID-enabled cards’ information safe when inside The STOCK Wallet. thanks in part to its patented expanding spine, this compact RFID protected wallet is capable of swallowing up to 10 cards, along with other stuff that you will need to get through the day.

it has an “Easy Pay” slot for your “frequently used card” which can be accessed swiftly to make payment with just a flick of your thumb. and at its heart is a main slot for all your other cards, complete with a quick pull tab for easy access to them. a wide woven elastic band is also incorporated into the design for your other stashes such as SD cards, flash drives, business cards, and even your MP3 player or your iPhone. rounding up the package is a concealed pocket suitable for your cash, keys, or whatever things that you prefer to keep out of sight. available a choice of raw denim, black top-grain leather, and brown top-grain leather, The STOCK Wallet can be yours for $43. expect shipment in September if the project is successfully funded on Kickstarter in another 15 days time.

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