if you think a bolt action pen like the one Boker offered is a little on the “delicate” side, then Fellhoelter might just have the bolt action pen you are looking for. meet the TiBolt Titanium Bolt Action Pen by Fellhoelter. not only does it feature a unique pen mechanism as designed by Brain Fellhoelter, a toolmaker from Arizona who happens to also a successful designer of award winning pocket knives, whistles, bottle openers and more, it is also the one pen that is crafted entirely out of titanium (grade 5 and above, no less), save for the ink cartridge, spring, o-ring and the stylus nib. titanium is used throughout, right down to the custom made Torx screws, cap and even in parts that you don’t get to see (such as the hidden carrier). basically, as Fellhoelter puts it “if it can be titanium, it is.” on top of that, instead of going all out shining, Fellhoelter opt for the rugged stonewashed finish that will look even better as it ages. in fact, it is a look that totally befits its namesake.

if you find the name TiBolt sounds vaguely familiar – it is because, it was a (very) successfully funded Kickstarter campaign which ended last December. this latest iteration comes with several enhancements which includes the option to add a Stylus Nib so that your awesome TiBolt can double as a capacitive stylus for tablets and smartphone, a simplified internal that allows the use of Parker style refills, tool-less process for swapping refills, and it now comes in four flavors: two regular versions, plus two decorated versions. each TiBolt Titanium Bolt Action Pen by Fellhoelter will come shipped with a Schmidt Easy Flow 900 ink cartridge so can you use it right out of the box. last but not least, the fulfillment of your orders will be quicker because, Fellhoelter is not joined by an experience team of American craftsmen. so, in essence, you will not only be getting a Made in USA product, but one that’s made by American.

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Fellhoelter has taken this second generation TiBolt to a fairly new crowdfunding platform, Jump Start City and for a pledge of $115 or more, an awesome TiBolt Titanium Bolt Action Pen by Fellhoelter will be reserved for you, with shipping expected to be in October. btw, this project is already about 182 percent funded, which means it will be a reality.

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