Just after the hot summer launch of Galaxy S4, there were hints about the new editions to Galaxy S4 family. The rumor became real just recently at the London event with the official release of Galaxy S4 Active, the water-proof S4 variant. You already witness the smart phone giant, Samsung currently spattering the mobile industry with its Galaxy S4 launch, so will Galaxy S4 Active with its rich specs splash the smart phone arena? S4 Active much resembles Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S4, but will it be better or stand out from S4? Now with more of public access and opinions of the outdoor model let’s keep ourselves introduced to this latest addition.

Out of the box, Samsung Galaxy S4 got a pretty strong and rigid body. As you see the design or build Active may not look similar to your Galaxy S4. Unlike Galaxy S4, Active is smart to take up any splash on the go. So does “Active” stay according to the Samsung standards? Don’t you feel the water-resistant nature brings the ultimate user expectation on the premium device?

The semi-ruggedized gadget comes with a dust-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass 4.99” FHD LCD TFT display which looks much better than Galaxy S4. According to many who got a close experience with this phone says, it could withstand any number of wet hits and be still a robust device. Okay, with no worries you can keep the device soaked in water for 30 minutes, give a water splash, shoot times with a water gun and what not to add pleasure! Though a better rigid model than Galaxy S4, it doesn’t mean you can abuse the device thinking it can stand any strikes.

The phone is chunkier than Galaxy S4 with dimensions 5.5 x 2.81 x 0.36 inches and weighs around 5.4 ounces. The added thickness and size does make the phone padded with ultimate protection than standard Galaxy S4 specs. The material make is smooth and grippy for any hands. The size of the phone could never stay an obstacle as it easily slides into pockets or clutches.

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The device features a front camera and an 8-mega pixel sensor camera at the rear, downgraded from Galaxy S4 13-mega pixel camera. Also we could spot the 8-mega pixel camera with a burst LED flash and speaker. The front design does seem similar to Galaxy S4 instead of one hardware button it got three; menu, home and back. Other specifications include the power button, volume controls, few sensors, 3.5mm head jack at the upper side, chrome grill covered headphone, USB port at downside covered with a gasket-lined hatch, IR blaster for Samsung’s own WhatchON app and a microphone.

The battery finds itself perfectly safe underneath the cover hugged with strong clips unlike many water-resistant devices. It is not any difficult to access the battery once the cover is removed and you could easily spot the memory slot and the SIM holder.

On date, Active with its cutting technology and meticulous design falls into one of the demanded tech gadgets and a worth product to own. Active comes in two flashy colors, ocean blue and dark gray. The sexy shade does make the phone unique and a catchy device for any Samsung lovers.

Samsung’s new model arrived not just to cuddle at home, its best for pool parties, adventure junkies and swimmers on the go! So are you ready to set aside your sleek and slim Galaxy S4 and go for this bashing Galaxy S4 Active? Now it’s all yours if you are willing to surrender the build.

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