Evangelion A.T. FIELD Tweezers 5-piece Set NERV Model: For Hobbies Fishing, And More

Evangelion may have officially concluded with Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time but its spirit lives among us as toys, collectibles, and tools. Coming from Kakuri Sangyo Co. which produces Evangelion work brand, A.T. FIELD, cobranded box cutter, and dog tag prying tool, is the A.T. FIELD Tweezers 5-piece Set NERV Model.

Fred & Friends Teamed Up With Netflix For A Fun Stranger Things Collection

Are you bitten by the Stranger Things bug now that Stranger Things 4 is here? Well, if the answer is yes, then Fred & Friends may just have the right stuff for you. Fred & Friends has teamed up with Netflix to bring you the Fred + Netflix Stranger Things Collection.

HITOFURI Japanese Sword Letter Opener: Open Letters The Samurai Way

How many letters do you receive these days? Not many, I would imagine. With that said, a good letter opener is probably not on most people’s “to-buy” list. But that does not stop Nishikan-san from embarking on a journey to create the ultimate letter opener.

Forget About Regular Staplers Because Wooden Elephant Stapler Is A Thing

Depending on your profession or the role you play in your household, you may not need a stapler ever. But if you do, you have to agree that stapler is one of the stationery that is anything but eye-pleasing. As such, it is best that it is incognito. You know, like masquerading itself as cute …

Meet Evangelion-Themed Soldering Iron, Box Cutter, And Cutting Mat

That’s right, folks. There are more Evangelion-themed work tools. Joining the myriad of functional tools, which include hand tools, Dremel-like power tools, are the A.T. Field x Hakko Dial-type Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron and A.T. Field x Olfa Cutter NERV Model and A.T. Field x Olfa Cutter Mat A3 NERV Model.

Novel Business Card Reveal That Smile Of Yours Behind The Face Mask

Not knowing how business associates look is a norm today because half of everyone’s face is covered by a face mask. So how do you let the other party know how you look under the mask? Well, you could have your portrait printed on a business card, or you could up the ante by having …

Automobili Lamborghini Collaborated With Moleskine For Special Edition Notebook

Am I the only person who thinks that physical writing materials are irrelevant in this digital age? If you beg to differ and is a fan of Automobili Lamborghini who uses a notebook, well then, Moleskine and Lamborghini has just the right product for you.

This Gorgeous Ruler Also Serves As Pen Sleeve, So You Will Never Forget Either

How many times have you found yourself having a ruler and without a writing instrument to draw, or vice versa? Whether not if have this unfortunate experience, it does not matter. What matters is, there is a tool that will not leave you in such predicament.

MultiRuler Multitool Ruler: Finally, A Multi-tool Ruler That Is Actually Useful

A regular person has a regular ruler. A handy person, on the other hand, will have the MultiRuler Multitool Ruler. MultiRuler is a multi-tool AND a ruler. Obviously, multi-tool with ruler is not new. However, I assure you that you probably won’t think those as “rulers” after you have seen the MultiRule.