Orbitkey Hybrid Work Duo Laptop Sleeve and Compendium

Here’s an interesting product from Orbitkey. It is called Hybrid Work Duo. It is a laptop sleeve and a desk map rolled into one. What this means is you can transform any space – be it at the library, coffee shop, or wherever – into a familiar workspace. It is a trusty laptop sleeve when you are moving around and when you are settled into a place to work, it can be unfolded into a desk mat.

Orbitkey Hybrid Work Duo Laptop Sleeve and Compendium

OrbitKey Hybrid Work Duo features a magnetic, zip-free closure that allows for quick set-up and pack-up. As a desk mat, it is ambidextrous, supporting both left and right-handed users. As a sleeve, it is an elegant accessory that protects your laptop when on the move, with convenient charging port access, and seamlessly fits into almost any bag. It is designed to fit most 13” to 16” laptops.

In addition to the Orbitkey Hybrid Work Duo Laptop Sleeve/Desk Mat, OrbitKey also introduced an analog accessory called Orbitkey Compendium. Available in A4 and A5, Compendium lets you capture ideas instantly, jot down notes and whatnot, and organize your documents and cards.

Orbitkey Hybrid Work Duo Laptop Sleeve and Compendium

It further touts a writing instrument holder and it even has space for a tablet. Like the Hybrid Work Duo, it has a zipper-free design. Instead, it uses a custom elastic cord closure for quick access to your notebook. The Orbitkey Compendium is crafted from premium LWG-certified leather and a recycled fabric lining. It fits both notebooks and notepads which is included with each Compendium. 

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Once again, the Melbourne-based gadget accessory brand has taken to Kickstarter to promote its latest products. During the campaign period, backers can secure the Orbitkey Hybrid Work Duo Laptop Sleeve and Compendium for a limited early bird offer of US$59 and US$64, respectively.

Images: Orbitkey.