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Stylish Pocket And Pouch Makes Your Devices ‘Invisible’ To Snoopers

Are you paranoia about being snooped? Unfortunately, you should because, the truth is, that’s the way it is for now, but not if Bomber & Company and Blackout Spec can help it. The two labels have come together to create the RFID Faraday Pocket and Utility Pouch, two products that will make whatever you stash in it, be it smartphone, smartwatch, laptop, tablet, invisible to nasty snoopers (which include your government and ISP). Created using a patent-pending blend of copper, steel and wrapped in an eco-synthetic leather that is impervious to water, RFID Faraday Pocket and Utility Pouch even exceeds the standards set out by the U.S. military. Continue reading Stylish Pocket And Pouch Makes Your Devices ‘Invisible’ To Snoopers

HEX Regimental Collection Is A Perfect Mix Of Urban Utility And Rugged Feel

HEX brand has a new line of bags that bears the perfect mix of urban utility and rugged feel. Called HEX Regimental Rugged Quilted Camo Bag Collection, it consists of 15 pieces of bags and sleeves each boasting a water-resistant, nylon in camo print, fabric lined and quilted. I will be honest here. It is hard to imagine quilted design with camo design, mostly because quilted is usually associated with luxury and sophistication while camo points toward ruggedness. However, from the looks of it, HEX may have pulled it off nicely. Don’t believe? Just take a look at the product images available with this post, touch your heart and tell us they are not. Continue reading HEX Regimental Collection Is A Perfect Mix Of Urban Utility And Rugged Feel

Bluelounge Bonobo Rust Series Bags

Bluelounge Bonobo Rust Series Bags
Bluelounge Bonobo Rust Series Bags | from US$44.95 | www.bluelounge.com

black is not always the new black in town. it might be for gadgets but for the bags that those gadgets are stashed in, sometime a little more adventurous color such as Rust could be pretty sleek too. meet the Bluelounge Bonobo Rust Series Bags. it is still the same Eco-Friendly Bags made out of 100% post-consumer recycled PET bottles that result in a soft matte finish fabric that is not only friendly to your gadgets but naturally, earth-friendly. features include chocolate brown straps that goes really well with the new Rust color Continue reading Bluelounge Bonobo Rust Series Bags

Hard Graft Grab Laptop Folio

Hard Graft Grab Laptop Folio
Hard Graft Grab Laptop Folio | £149.00 | www.hardgraft.com

bored with your current offering of nylon, fabric or canvas MacBook sleeves? here’s a little luxe of change that you may like to consider. meet the Hard Graft’s new Grab Laptop Folio. designed to hold your 13-inch MacBook or MacBook Air and handcrafted by a duo of talented Italian leather masters, guided by the good’ole Hard Graft’s tradition of attention to details, this lovely MacBook accessory features vegetable tanned leather on one side and premium wool felt from Germany on the rest of the sleeve, including the interior. Continue reading Hard Graft Grab Laptop Folio

The Original V_Neck Sleeve

The Original V_Neck Sleeve
(photos: Computer Apparel) The Original V_Neck Sleeve | from US$39.99 | www.computer-apparel.com

when it comes to gadget protections, we are real fussy about it. cos’ we don’t want to look too plain or bear the iPad-next-door image. that said, a gadget sleeve (or case, if you prefer) like the The Original V_Neck Sleeve featured here would be one of our sleeve of choice. created by a very aptly named firm Computer Apparel, this novel approach in sleeve design leaves us lusting for one and would certainly stir speculations as to why would anyone tote a folded tee around. perfect deception or attraction. you be the judge. designed to look like a regular folded V-neck t-shirt and made of 100% cotton, this lovely sleeve features a well padded zipper compartment for your iPad or laptops (up to 17-inch) and a bonus second pocket for other miscellaneous items (i.e. notepad, sketchpad and the likes) – both which are located at the back of the ‘t-shirt’. Continue reading The Original V_Neck Sleeve

Incase for Shepard Fairey

Incase for Shepard Fairey
Incase for Shepard Fairey | from US$29.95 | www.goincase.com

the Incase for Shepard Fairey series is something that any art lovers would not ignore. street artist Shepard Fairey work of arts graced a range of Incase products that are designed for Apple products like the iPod Touch, iPhone 4S/4 and MacBook. the collection includes iPhone/iPod Touch case, laptop sleeves of various sizes (11-, 13- and 15-inch), as well as backpack. each product is adorned with a selection of bold patterns and illustrations emblematic of peace and harmony – in fact, three designs are showcased: Elephant, Ornament and Pattern, on these products. here’s what Fairey got to say about these artworks: Continue reading Incase for Shepard Fairey

Terra Collection by Incase

Terra Collection by Incase
(photos: Incase) Terra Collection by Incase | from US$49.95 | www.goincase.com

so what is Terra? according to an unnamed dictionary, it means “(in science fiction) planet earth; land or territory.” so what’s does the Terra Collection, a series of bags and sleeves for laptop, from Incase has to do with Terra? well, this beautiful collection that includes backpack, tote bag and laptop sleeves of varying sizes, are weaved from natural materials such as denim and canvas. there is no rocket science here, they are just uncomplicated, casual bags designed for you to easily stuff your belongings in and assure a light-weighted traveling. so you get it now? natural materials plus traveling – both that are closely linked to our planet earth. Continue reading Terra Collection by Incase

Bluelounge Bonobo Series Bags

Bluelounge Bonobo Series Bags 900x400px
(photos: Bluelounge) Bluelounge Bonobo Series Bags | from US$44.95 | www.bluelounge.com

being a tech lifestyle enthusiast, you probably have loads of gadgets and hence, you are face with the challenging issue of how to lug all of them along with you in your daily commute. let’s be honest: the market is not shortage of bags to take it all but as a style connoisseur, we would opt for something more stylish like the new Bonobo Series Bags from Bluelounge. though, we would love to have more color options other than black. anyway, the Bonobo Series collection include a iPad sleeve ($44.95), laptop sleeves ($49.95 – $59.95), laptop totes ($129 – $149), a messenger bag ($139), as well as a backpack ($159). in short, the Bonobo Series has something to suit all your gadgets-toting needs. style and functions are not all the Bonobo Series is about. Continue reading Bluelounge Bonobo Series Bags

Papernomad offers gadget sleeves with sustainability in mind

Papernomad iPad Sleeve 850x800px
(photos: Papernomad) Papernomad Gadget Sleeves | from US$38.00 | www.papernomad.info

we just can’t get enough of individualism and stylishness, can we? all you gadget-toting folks out there (me, included) who demands both style and individualism when it comes to protecting (or accessorizing, as some would put it) your gadget, should probably check out the products from Austria startup Papernomad. these folks not only has stylish designs to offer to your gadgets but each of their products are crafted from 100% organic materials such as paper composite for its main sleeve and hemp for the strap. do not let the material paper fool you as this paper composite is totally tear-resistant, water-proof and completely biodegradable. Continue reading Papernomad offers gadget sleeves with sustainability in mind

Quirky Trek Support Backpack could be the ultimate gadget bag

Quirky Trek Support Backpack 900x515px
(photos: Quirky) Quirky Trek Support | US$130.00(pre-sale) | www.quirky.com

gadget-toting road warriors have always face the same problems: power hungry gadgets and managing these gadgets in the bag. i mean, its easy to put all the gadgets in one bag but accessing them with ease is usually a big issue, especially when you are checking into a flight. here’s where the Trek Support backpack comes in. the Trek Support comprises of three parts: the backpack itself, the gadget dock and the laptop sleeve. the latter two are easily removable from the backpack as and when you need to. the gadget dock here deserves a worthy mention. it is a battery-powered USB gadget dock that not only organizes your gadgets with its individual mesh pockets of various sizes (a total of four pockets, to be exact) but it has an integrated battery that allows for charging of up to three USB powered devices simultaneously. Continue reading Quirky Trek Support Backpack could be the ultimate gadget bag