Papernomad offers gadget sleeves with sustainability in mind

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(photos: Papernomad) Papernomad Gadget Sleeves | from US$38.00 |

we just can’t get enough of individualism and stylishness, can we? all you gadget-toting folks out there (me, included) who demands both style and individualism when it comes to protecting (or accessorizing, as some would put it) your gadget, should probably check out the products from Austria startup Papernomad. these folks not only has stylish designs to offer to your gadgets but each of their products are crafted from 100% organic materials such as paper composite for its main sleeve and hemp for the strap. do not let the material paper fool you as this paper composite is totally tear-resistant, water-proof and completely biodegradable.
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and the fact that they are made from paper composite means you can individualize your sleeve with doodles, notes and the likes. as a huge doodling fan and a huge fan of individuality, Papernomad’s products certainly appeals to me. at the time of writing, Papernomad has sleeves catering to popular gadgets like the iPad 1 & 2 (dubbed as Zattere, $53), 13-inch laptop (D. Moser, $58), iPod Classic and iPod Touch (The Espy, $38), and Blackberry Bold (Jean Paul, $38). each sleeve features a pull strap with a magnetic lock, cotton cushioning and sheep-wool lining hailed from Australian sheep. you can get yours from Papernomad web store. more images and short video on Papernomad follows after the break.

Papernomad via Design Milk

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