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Belkin x LEGO iPhone and iPod Cases

having LEGO compatible studs on your iPhone case is not the newest new but having an official collaboration between an established iDevice accessories maker, Belkin and Danish toy company, LEGO certainly is and very much welcomed. the result is obvious: the Belkin x LEGO iPhone and iPod cases. there’s a reason why we keep changing cases (hint: refreshment) and having one with LEGO studs lets you customize your phone to your heart’s content, thus allowing your to keep the case refreshed always without actually switching it out. Continue reading Belkin x LEGO iPhone and iPod Cases


iBanglez Spot On Edition
iBanglez | from US$50.00 | www.ibanglez.com

we are no stranger to watch band that turns your iPod nano into a cool touchscreen wrist watch. there are so many of them in the market but hardly any that truly suits the fairer sex. silicon-based iPod nano wristband is good for hitting the gym and stainless steel item is a little too manly for our lady friends, so there’s a void to be filled. this is where iBanglez comes in. instead of sporting a flexible strap like any nano wristband, iBanglez comes in the form of a solid bangle and is crafted from 100% pure stainless steel. Continue reading iBanglez


SYRE Bluetooth Wristband for iPod Nano
SYRE Bluetooth Wristband for iPod nano | from US$50.00 | lionhoundtech.com

though the new generation iPod nano is wrist-friendly, the cumbersome cable necessary for us to enjoy the music makes us feel a little awkward at times, or should we say, all the time. a cable sticking out from your wrist not only makes it look odd but it also impedes our movement, especially if you use it as your sporting companion. what the iPod nano sorely missed is Bluetooth connectivity which the SYRE will gladly equips it with. enclosed within its sleek, silicon polymer construction is a Bluetooth chip that Bluetooth-enables your nano, allowing it to be used with Bluetooth headphones for a wire-free experience. Continue reading SYRE

Papernomad offers gadget sleeves with sustainability in mind

Papernomad iPad Sleeve 850x800px
(photos: Papernomad) Papernomad Gadget Sleeves | from US$38.00 | www.papernomad.info

we just can’t get enough of individualism and stylishness, can we? all you gadget-toting folks out there (me, included) who demands both style and individualism when it comes to protecting (or accessorizing, as some would put it) your gadget, should probably check out the products from Austria startup Papernomad. these folks not only has stylish designs to offer to your gadgets but each of their products are crafted from 100% organic materials such as paper composite for its main sleeve and hemp for the strap. do not let the material paper fool you as this paper composite is totally tear-resistant, water-proof and completely biodegradable. Continue reading Papernomad offers gadget sleeves with sustainability in mind

five awesome iPod Nano watch conversion kits

iPod Nano Watch Conversion Kit 544x311px
(credit: All Geek Everything/LunaTik/Incase/Griffin/SwitchEasy)

throughout the evolution of the iPod Nano, the sixth generation stands out the most as it is the only iteration that’s suited to be converted into a touchscreen watch with a simple accessory. though i can’t say that the market is flooded with such an accessory, but it is safe to say that it is not lacking of it either. today, we shortlisted five of those nifty gadget accessories that will convert your otherwise run-of-the-mill media player into a cool touchscreen wristwatch. Continue reading five awesome iPod Nano watch conversion kits

Gear4 rolls out Angry Birds cases for iPhone 4 and iPod Touch

Gear4 Angry Birds cases for iPhone 4 544px
(image credit: Gear4) Gear4 Angry Birds case | US$24.99 | us.gear4.com

calling out all Angry Birds fans. not sure if you’re a fan? here’s an indicative tell-tale sign: if you are crazy enough to get the Angry Birds costume for Halloween, then you’re a fan. nah… in any case, Gear4 rolls out the Angry Birds themed cases for both iPhone 4 and iPod Touch (4th Gen).

there are three designs for you to chose from, namely, the red bird, yellow bird and pig king. perhaps, Gear4 figured that the Angry Birds fan base is huge enough to justify for its own ‘brand’ of cover, and even if there wasn’t, these cute looking, brightly hued cases might even attract general non-fans.

the cases, made out of hard plastic, are touted to be “super slim design” and snaps on to your iPhone 4 and iPod Touch and as usual, you will have access to all the iPhone’s (and iPod Touch) ports and buttons. strange that an angry bird can be so adorable. angrily cute or cute anger?

Gear4 Angry Birds cases for iPod Touch 544px
(image credit: Gear4)