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we are no stranger to watch band that turns your iPod nano into a cool touchscreen wrist watch. there are so many of them in the market but hardly any that truly suits the fairer sex. silicon-based iPod nano wristband is good for hitting the gym and stainless steel item is a little too manly for our lady friends, so there’s a void to be filled. this is where iBanglez comes in. instead of sporting a flexible strap like any nano wristband, iBanglez comes in the form of a solid bangle and is crafted from 100% pure stainless steel. available in two editions: the Spot On and Matt. the former comes in a choice of eight hues, including blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, white and black, while the Matt edition comes in choice of gold or silver. the fact that this iPod nano watch contraption is designed as a bangle is good enough for us to pay some attention it. it is indeed a refreshing change to the horde of watch band we have seen to date and an obvious choice for ladies who desire to wear their nano with their favorite summer sundresses. the iBanglez is a project on INDIEGOGO and its creator is seeking your help in making it a reality through a Kickstarter-style funding process where a pledge of $50 will snag you the Spot On edition and for $69, you will get to choose between the Matt Gold and Matt Silver edition. hit the jump for a campaign video of the iBanglez to learn more.

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