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The Dark Knight Manual by Brandon T. Snider
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the third and final installment of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises is about to hit the big screen but if you can’t wait for it and already have the uncontrollable urge to take up the role similar to that of the Dark Knight, then here’s the book that you will be needing: The Dark Knight Manual. the title says it all: it is the book that has all the essence and info you will need to get yourself geared up and looking like the cape crusader. published by Insight Editions and authored by New York-based Brandon T. Snider who is no stranger to penning books on superheroes. expect to find documents, including top-secrets ones, and sketches as gathered by Bruce Wayne. perhaps the most important aspect are the details of the design and capabilities of billionaire Wayne’s Batsuit, blueprints of the Batcave, plus specifications of Batman’s toys – all contain in more than two dozen removable documents, allowing you to carefully scrutinize every single detail, ensuring you are getting what you need to defend your city while keeping your true identity a secret. also included are hidden bonus content and exclusive images from The Dark Knight Rises – so diehard fans of this very gloomy but filthy rich vigilante, you don’t want to miss this. in case you are not brave enough to take up the part time job as a defender of the good, The Dark Knight Manual is still worthy of a collectible. you can get yours for $28 per copy.

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