Guy Built Christopher Nolan’s Batmobile ‘Tumbler’ Out Of A Minivan

Thinking of getting rid of your rusty, old minivan? Well, don’t. Not at least until you have read this. What you see here is the modern day pop culture, the Batmobile, AKA Tumbler, made famous by Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy, DIY-ed entirely in the garage. Granted, this is a rather crude contraption, but […]

Batpod From The Dark Knight Trilogy Is Set To Go Under The Hammer

If you are still in the process of cobbling together a real working The Dark Knight’s motorcycle AKA Batpod, well, we have news for you. You can put away your tools cos’ the real deal is going under the hammer. Which means, if you have piles of cash to burn, you may have shot at […]

Julian Checkley’s Insanely Accurate Batman Arkham Origins Cosplay Will Blow Your Mind

Don’t sneer at Arkham Origins video game, thinking that the Dark Knight’s suit would be too cumbersome for mobility’s good, because brilliant cosplayer, Julian Checkley and his crew over at Order 66 has created an insanely detailed suit modelled after the cape crusader’s suit from the game and it appears to be as mobile as […]

Batman Super Fan’s Kid Gets Custom Tumbler Baby Stroller, Daddy Looked More Excited Than Kid

Here’s another Super Fan Builds by prop maker Tim Baker and team. This time, the super fan chosen was Josh Earl who is a mega fan of the Cape Crusader and a father of one. How big is he a fan? Very big. As judged by the massive Batman-related collection leading to and in his […]

Batman Won’t Leave His Marks Everywhere, But You Can With This Batman Branding Iron

apart from a few superheroes, such as Hulk and Iron Man, most would prefer not leave marks of their presence behind (Hulk has no choice, he will leave a trail of destruction anyway and Stark is a show off). however, as a fan, you have full liberty to do so and the Batman Branding Iron […]

Finally! The Tumbler From The Dark Knight Gets Official LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Set

fans of Christopher Nolan’s rendition of the cape crusader The Dark Knight rejoice cos’ Danish toy maker LEGO is finally making an Official LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Set of the super cool, crime fighting machine The Tumbler, taken straight out from The Dark Knight trilogy. you have no idea how long i have been holding out […]

Hot Toys Outs Big-ass 1/12th Scale The Dark Knight Aircraft, The Bat

i used to be a big fan of Batman, until it became a little too dark for my liking, however, i can’t deny that when it ‘turns darker and gloomier’, it also comes with super cool crime-fighting toys like the Tumbler and more recently the super cool Bat aircraft, known as The Bat. the latter […]

Batman Armory with Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth

Batman is never complete without his trusty stay-in-the-cave butler Alfred Pennyworth and so is your collection of Batman action figures and collectibles. speaking of which, you can take your The Dark Knight collection a step closer

The Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Collector’s Edition

remember back in October last year, we did mention that there might be a The Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Collector’s Edition coming your way in 2013? well, we are half way through 2013 already and finally, we have official words from Warner Bros about its availability plus some details; this 6-disc collectible will be

The Dark Knight Trilogy Boxset

actually, we are incline to think that the price tag of $37.09 for the soon-to-release The Dark Knight Trilogy Blu-ray is not quite true. why? well, for starter it has all of the three films: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and the The Dark Knight Rises, in a total of five discs with 456 minutes of glued-to-your-couch run time, plus a 64-page collectible book entitled The Art of Making