fans of Christopher Nolan’s rendition of the cape crusader The Dark Knight rejoice cos’ Danish toy maker LEGO is finally making an Official LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Set of the super cool, crime fighting machine The Tumbler, taken straight out from The Dark Knight trilogy. you have no idea how long i have been holding out for this piece of awesome news and so naturally, i am elated by the news. the LEGO UCS Tumbler (model number yet to be disclosed) is said to contain 1,869 pieces, and measures 15 inches tall and 9 inches across (about 38 x 23 cm) with details like armored exterior, adjustable spoilers, a detailed interior, and not forgetting the adorable, super sized rubber tires. as with all UCS to date, it will come with a fact sheet with vital stats of this menacing, cape crusader’s ride of choice (which is essentially a tank on pneumatic wheels, really).

LEGO The Dark Knight Tumbler Ultimate Collector's Set

apparently the set is taken straight out of the page of The Dark Knight i.e. the first installment of the trilogy and hence, it will come with Christian Bale’s Batman and Health Ledger as the Joker in LEGO mini-figures form. the LEGO The Dark Knight Tumbler Ultimate Collector’s Set is expected to go on sale at brick-and-mortar LEGO stores, as well as LEGO online stores this September. prior to that, LEGO will be showing off the set at the San Diego Comic-Con 2014 this week, starting this Wednesday. seriously, if you a big fan of The Dark Knight (or maybe just the Tumbler like yours truly here) and loves LEGO, you shouldn’t miss this. man, what took LEGO so long to decide on this set? well, i guess it is better late then never. keeping going for a few more look.

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LEGO The Dark Knight Tumbler Ultimate Collector's Set

LEGO The Dark Knight Tumbler Ultimate Collector's Set

LEGO The Dark Knight Tumbler Ultimate Collector's Set

via FBTB via USA Today

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