Are your kids having problem getting candies during their treat or trick rounds? Well, here’s a cosplay costume that your young ones could use for Halloween to up his/her odds of securing the treats. Because, with a mecha like this Mechwarrior Cosplay Costume walks up to door, no one can say no. The costume was built by YouTuber Griddlock Cosplay for Edmonton Comic Expo 2018 for his kids, nieces and nephews, and not so much for Halloween, but hey, if getting treat is met by roadblocks, you got to do what you got to do to help your younglings.

Mechwarrior Cosplay Costume for Kids

This particular model you see here is a Stalker J1 Mechwarrior and make no mistake, this thing here is “fully functional.” It can roam the Earth freely. The only thing it can’t do is to maim or kill, but don’t tell that to your neighbors. It comes with a fully functional cockpit, complete with joystick for “navigation and control,” cabin light, and there is cooling fan above the pilot and a padded seat for creature comfort. It has a faux 5-barrel minigun, plus it is also outfitted with working headlights and a non-functional spinning radar.

Mechwarrior Cosplay Costume for Kids

It sounds all too high-tech to be true, right? Right. Because, this isn’t an actual functional mecha per se; it is actually a loving father hidden away inside the costume, carrying one kid at a time to let him/her have some serious fun. It may not be a real mecha, it is still an awesome cosplay costume nonetheless. Perhaps more importantly is, the kid in this costume will have a higher success rate in securing candies (primary objective) and at the same time, making him or her feel like the coolest kid in the block (secondary objective). Well, this cosplay costume has certainly elevate Griddlock Cosplay to the coolest dad ever. No doubts about it.

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Continue reading for a military-like product presentation video with the requisite live demonstration after the video posted by our source on Twitter.

Mechwarrior Cosplay Costume for Kids

Mechwarrior Cosplay Costume for Kids

Images: Griddlock cosplay/YouTube.

Source: netgeek.

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