Lightsaber may be a fictional weapon that was born out of the Star Wars franchise but over the years, it has taken a life of its own with third-party companies like Solaari and DynamicSabers, each designing their own unique lightsabers for collectors all over the world. Recently, we stumbled upon yet another third-party lightsaber maker, SaberMach.

SaberMach SG58 Lightsaber

Based in Singapore, SaberMach has been making custom lightsabers since 2014 and recently, it released a unique and super affordable lightsaber to commemorate the island state’s 58th National Day (basically, Singapore’s version of Independence Day with no aliens or Will Smith or British involved).

We thought we’d mention it because the lightsaber, dubbed SG58, is a beautiful creation that is sleek and minimal. Back in 2019, the company sold an exclusive SG54 saber to mark the 54th National Day as well as a limited release for Singapore Comic Con (which is more like a toy sale convention, if you ask me).

The SG58 saber is designed with casual collectors and kids in mind. It features an emitter and a window slot on the hilt that lets the light out when the blade is lighted up. It has an activation button with a 12 mm illuminated red LED switch, a 32 mm in diameter CNC machined main body, 3 sound fonts powered by SaberMach’s sub-brand soundboard with a mute function, a 9W RGB LED with color changing function, and a built-in 18,650 li-ion battery that offers up to 60 minutes of playtime in between charges.

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SaberMach SG58 Lightsaber

Recharging is via a USB-C port which is located next to the activation switch. The charging port may be out wide in the open but it somehow does not appear obtrusive. Nice.

Each hilt comes with a 58 cm (about 23 inches) long 1” thick blade which is perfect for young padawans. It is optional and available with an 81 cm (32 inches) long blade.

If you pick up two SG58 Sabers, you will receive a free coupler to join the two together for a Darth Maul-style lightsaber.

The SaberMach SG58 Saber is available to order in a choice of silver, gunmetal, and black, for SG$58-SG$92.50 (around US$43.28-US$69.03). At the time of this article, all ready-to-ship units are spoken for. Any orders from now, if available, will require a 3-4 weeks lead time. This is a limited-time product and if is sold out, it is sold out. It will not be restocked.

SaberMach SG58 Lightsaber

Images: SaberMach.

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