I am a Star Wars fan but I consider myself a purist that will not collect anything that isn’t from the original trilogy – that includes lightsabers. That’s just me. But I also noted that lightsaber has grown to become a culture of its own and if you are a fan of lightsabers of all manners, DynamicSabers will have your lightsaber craving covered.

Custom Lightsabers by DynamicSabers

This Star Wars-themed company specializes in making collectible lightsabers, complete with light and sound effects, with fairly affordable stickers starting at US$89.95. The company also makes extremely high-end lightsabers, many of which drew inspiration from the lightsabers wielded by characters in the movie.

For aspiring Jedis/Sith Lords, you’d be glad to know that DynamicSabers also designed and custom-made its own iteration of lightsabers too. For these high-end lightsabers, they incorporate a tech called “neopixel” which basically has 50W LED strips in the blade rather than the hilt. LED lights within the blade allow for far more complex and realistic effects, said DynamicSabers.

Custom Lightsabers by DynamicSabers

You can check out DynamicSabers’ website for the entire collection or get in touch with them for a custom build.

All images courtesy of DynamicSabers.

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