There is no doubt that the lightsaber presented in Star Wars movies and TV shows reeks of a futuristic vibe. But if you are a collector of this fictional, futuristic weapon who prefers a clean minimalist over Luke’s complex self-built lightsaber, then look no further than Solaari.

Solaari Non-official Lightsaber Collection
Not Darth Maul’s but equally impressive.

Solaari is a French brand that designs and assembles premium connected lightsabers that are good for collectors as well as for lightsaber duels. And yes, it is connected which stood out from the rest of the non-official lightsaber makers.

Solaari currently has four models, namely, Waan, Ka-Yogen, Ki-raito, and Foji, and in two ranges Prime and Elite adapted for sports and artistic performance.

Each lightsaber boasts an anodized aluminum hilt with a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope that enables iconic sound effects with each movement and impact.

With a companion app, wielders of the Solaari lightsaber will be able to customize the color of the blade, set visual effects for moves, count combat statistics, and stream the sound effects to be playback on Bluetooth speakers for a fully immersive experience. I believe that it’s the industry’s first and so is it being app-enabled.

If you are sold, Solaari is having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale where it is taking 20% off all lightsaber models. The sale will run thru to November 30, 2022. Prices start at US$269 before the discount.

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The Solaari Lightsaber Collection is available from as well as on

Solaari Non-official Lightsaber Collection

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All images courtesy of Solaari.

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