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Guy Built Christopher Nolan’s Batmobile ‘Tumbler’ Out Of A Minivan

Thinking of getting rid of your rusty, old minivan? Well, don’t. Not at least until you have read this. What you see here is the modern day pop culture, the Batmobile, AKA Tumbler, made famous by Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy, DIY-ed entirely in the garage. Granted, this is a rather crude contraption, but you’d be impressed if you know that it actually has a minivan underpinning. Yes. That’s right. This is in fact a bat-minivan, or batvan, if you will. Cobbled by Instructables member Kid Hero who we’d hailed as a real-life superhero for making minivan great again. It may not look exactly like the movies’, it does look reasonably decent. Continue reading Guy Built Christopher Nolan’s Batmobile ‘Tumbler’ Out Of A Minivan

Finally! The Tumbler From The Dark Knight Gets Official LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Set

fans of Christopher Nolan’s rendition of the cape crusader The Dark Knight rejoice cos’ Danish toy maker LEGO is finally making an Official LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Set of the super cool, crime fighting machine The Tumbler, taken straight out from The Dark Knight trilogy. you have no idea how long i have been holding out for this piece of awesome news and so naturally, i am elated by the news. the LEGO UCS Tumbler (model number yet to be disclosed) is said to contain 1,869 pieces, and measures 15 inches tall and 9 inches across (about 38 x 23 cm) with details like armored exterior, adjustable spoilers, a detailed interior, and not forgetting the adorable, super sized rubber tires. as with all UCS to date, it will come with a fact sheet with vital stats of this menacing, cape crusader’s ride of choice (which is essentially a tank on pneumatic wheels, really). Continue reading Finally! The Tumbler From The Dark Knight Gets Official LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Set

Crazy Case Batmobile Tumbler iPhone Case

compact form factor is so passe in smartphone today as evidence by today’s growing smartphone size. and since size is not going stop us from putting a brick to our ears, why not do it in a loud fashion? like slapping your otherwise slim form iPhone with this Crazy Case Batmobile Tumbler iPhone Case. what? the Tumbler is now an iPhone case? yes. indeed – which needless to say, is one of the coolest, if not the quirkiest iPhone case we have seen to date and we think any self-respecting The Dark Knight fans would gladly forsake the slim form factor of the iPhone and eagerly bump up of the size of their handsets with this awesome case. from top down view and or in fact, any other angle when the case is lay flat and down, you won’t even suspect it was an iPhone case cos’ it look totally like a model of the Tumbler, albeit a wee flatter. Continue reading Crazy Case Batmobile Tumbler iPhone Case

Batman Tumbler Golf Cart

we don’t do many golf carts here, but if we do, you can be sure it will be one heck of a (golf course) ride, like this Batman Tumbler Golf Cart that is currently on eBay going for a cool $17,500. it is listed as “used”, but still, it looks kind of too cute to resist. described by its seller as “one of a kind”, this Dark Knight’s golf course ride of choice started life as an EZ-Go Golf Cart and was stripped down to the frame and four cup holders (!), and after which, custom frame and sheet metal, along with sculpted, molded cowl are fitted to it. it took its creator some 30 grand to turn that the boring EZ-Go ride into one that you see here and according to the seller, it spent a quarter of its time on a studio lot, with the rest of time kept indoors as a display (which we would gladly do if we have that kind of money to drop). Continue reading Batman Tumbler Golf Cart

Batman Tumbler Replica for Gumball 3000 Rally

how would you spend 1.6 million dollars? plenty of ways, i guess. but for the folks at Team Galag, it means splurging all of it to put together a real life, road legal Batman Tumbler Replica. but why do they even want to do that? the reason is obvious: it is because they can and not only they can, they are going to put this awesome machine to the pace at the upcoming Gumball 3000 Rally, happening at Copenhagen starting May 18, 2013. of course, this isn’t the first Tumbler we have seen; we have seen Bob Dullam did it, but this one is different: it is going to the race. with some 400 hp squeezed out from its non-fire breathing 6.2-liter V8 engine, it makes a modest top speed of just 100 mph (160 km/h) – a speed that is obviously not going to win the race, but certainly will inject some fun into this year’s race event. Continue reading Batman Tumbler Replica for Gumball 3000 Rally

real-life batmobile Tumbler that actually drives

pop question: what can you do with a chop saw, a reciprocating saw, a drill press, a Lincoln Electric power Mig welder and 4 years? no idea? well, you probably can construct a real-life batmobile tumbler. that’s what Bob Dullam did. i am totally astounded. just looking at the photos is enough to make me drool. Continue reading real-life batmobile Tumbler that actually drives

BRENT WALLER’s custom LEGO batmobile ‘tumbler’ – completed!

Brent Waller Custom LEGO Tumbler main 544x272px

finally, the most important package arrived on the 16th. jump straight into assembly of the tumbler but doh! some parts are missing. check through BRENT’s list and realised the summary parts list has got some discrepancies. its ok. on the 17th went straight to SIMPLY TOYS @ Suntec City Mall and grabbed the missing parts. lucky for me, what i needed is all there *phew* all for a tiny sum of SGD5.90.

Continue reading BRENT WALLER’s custom LEGO batmobile ‘tumbler’ – completed!