So many people have had their hands in recreating the Batmobile “Tumbler” from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy. This custom example – which could be the most accurate one yet – is the latest example commissioned by real-life Bruce Wayne, Alex aka LAMBOJESUS.

LAMBOJESUS Custom Batman Tumbler by Marc Irvin

Two years in the making, Alex’s Tumbler was officially completed in 2022. Alex’s latest ride, I believe, is the only replica that is fully metal built. Alex did not pick it up from Lucius Fox of Wayne Enterprises’ Applied Sciences Division.

This real-life Tumbler was built by Marc Irvin who is the founder of RPM Productions LLC, a studio that makes robots, vehicles, and stuff big-budget Hollywood movies use. However, details are far and few between.

LAMBOJESUS Custom Batman Tumbler by Marc Irvin

All we know is that it looks like the movie’s, sounds like the movie’s, and it has enormous swamper tires – all four of them – at the rear – just like we have seen in the film. While it is clearly not powered by a jet engine but it does spew out fire at the rear – courtesy of a flamethrower.

Other things we learned that it has, include power windows, air-conditioning, hydraulic steering, automatic transmission, auxiliary cooling, and gauges of all manner. And the switches are apparently all functional. However, it is not clear what engine powers it. But whatever it is, it sounds really good! In case anyone wants to commission a unit, it would run you back at around a million dollars.

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LAMBOJESUS Custom Batman Tumbler by Marc Irvin

Images: Instagram (@lambojesus).

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