Ghostbusters Plasma Series HasLab Two In The Box! Ghost Trap And P.K.E. Meter

What’s the use of the Spengler’s Proton Pack and the Neutrona Wand when you don’t know where the ghosts are? Even if the paranormal entities let you see them, there is no way of trapping them if you manage to rein them in. Not that the Haslab Ghostbusters Plasma Series Spengler Proton Pack is functional …

Someone Is Making A Highly Accurate Replica Of Thor’s Mjölnir From God Of War: Ragnarök

Rejoice, fans of Sony and Santa Monica Studios’ God Of War: Ragnarök because someone is recreating Thor’s hammer from the game that is not just a replica but “a gateway to an extraordinary experience.” Mind you. This ain’t no toy. This is a collectible worthy of fans of God Of War: Ragnarök.

McFarlane Toys The Riddler: Puzzle Box By Edward Nygma: A 1:1 Batarang Awaits

If you are bored with admiring your collection of Batman statues or posing Batman action figures and have long desire for a Batman collectible that will tease your brain and put your detective skills to the test, well then, McFarlane Toys has just the Batman collectible for you.

Killerbody Is Offering Up A Wearable Exoskeleton Suit From The Wandering Earth

By now, I am sure you have heard of the Chinese sci-fi blockbuster, The Wandering Earth. It was based on a sci-fi novella written by Chinese computer engineer/sci-fi writer, Liu Cixin. The first movie hit the theaters in 2019 and the replica exoskeleton suit you see here is from that first movie.

LAMBOJESUS’ Custom The Dark Knight Batmobile “Tumbler” By Marc Irvin

So many people have had their hands in recreating the Batmobile “Tumbler” from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy. This custom example – which could be the most accurate one yet – is the latest example commissioned by real-life Bruce Wayne, Alex aka LAMBOJESUS.

Casey Putsch’s Turbine-powered 1989 Batmobile To Go Under The Hammer

We already told you what you need to know about the world’s first and only turbine-powered 1989 Batmobile built by Casey Putsch of Putsch Racing 11 years ago in 2011. Fast forward to 2022, Casey’s replica of the Batmobile from Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman remains the one and only that is turbine-powered.

League of Legends Jinx Fishbones Joins NERF LMTD, Launches 3-Dart Cluster

NERF LMTD has been turning up some really cool replicas from entertainment and video games, including Star Trek, Star Wars, Halo, and my personal favorite, M41-A Pulse Rifle straight out of 1986’s Aliens movie. Now, another video game legend’s weapon has made the NERF LMTD series and that is a rocket launcher dubbed Fishbones from …

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