Michael Keaton’s Batman is back in the spotlight – thanks to its appearance in the upcoming The Flash movie. The return of Keaton’s Batman is a huge deal and naturally, toymakers are wasting no time in banking on its return with some super cool toys. NECA is no exception.

NECA Batman (1989) Utility Belt Prop Replica Bundle

However, unlike Spin Master and McFarlane, NECA has joined Hot Toys in taking inspiration from the 1989 Batman film and not The Flash movie, which, IMHO, make the NECA Batman (1989) Utility Belt Prop Replica Bundle, as it is called, a must-have for any Keaton-Bat fan.

The NECA Batman (1989) Utility Belt Prop Replica Bundle includes a Batman (1989) Utility Belt Prop Replica and a Batman (1989) Batarang Prop Replica.

The NECA Batman (1989) Utility Belt Prop Replica is a screen-accurate and wearable belt with accessories that make good for display at your very own Bat museum or Bat Hall of Fame, or for cosplaying.

The best part is, the belt is adjustable to fit waists from 31.5 to 50 inches. Well about that… I think it will be cool if you are just the right size because extending it would mean exposing the extension at the back which is not a pretty sight. Then again, that’d be concealed by the cape.

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NECA Batman (1989) Utility Belt Prop Replica Bundle

The belt further touts a few cool gimmicks, including two removable face plates that, when removed, reveal more of Gotham City’s crimefighter secret tools.

The bundle also includes a folding Batarang, a grapnel launcher, and a communicator which you can magnetically attach to the belt.

In addition, you may customize the Utility Belt’s four slots with any combination of the eight included cartridges: a torch, tazer, scanner, micro camera, re-breather, gas pellets, and smoke bombs.

The NECA Batman (1989) Utility Belt Prop Replica Bundle is available for pre-order now from NECA Store for US$135. The bundle will ship together in June 2023.

Images: NECA.

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