Ghostbusters Plasma Series HasLab Two In The Box! Ghost Trap And P.K.E. Meter

What’s the use of the Spengler’s Proton Pack and the Neutrona Wand when you don’t know where the ghosts are? Even if the paranormal entities let you see them, there is no way of trapping them if you manage to rein them in. Not that the Haslab Ghostbusters Plasma Series Spengler Proton Pack is functional …

McFarlane Toys The Riddler: Puzzle Box By Edward Nygma: A 1:1 Batarang Awaits

If you are bored with admiring your collection of Batman statues or posing Batman action figures and have long desire for a Batman collectible that will tease your brain and put your detective skills to the test, well then, McFarlane Toys has just the Batman collectible for you.

Batmobile Prop Car From Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman Is Up For Grab!

A handful of people have had their hands on recreating the iconic Batmobile from Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman movie. The example you see here is NOT one of them. In fact, this is the real deal. Well, the real deal as in it was a prop car which also means it is close as anyone …

Custom Jurassic Park John Hammond Cane Has An Amber With A Real Crane Fly In It

There is no lack of Jurassic Park merchandise. It ranges from dino toys to games like a pinball machine, and more recently a Transformers crossover toy set. Even so, there are no prop-worthy pieces other than maybe Jeff Goldblum’s shirtless statue (maybe?). But thankfully, there’s AWOLReplicaProps.

You Can Pick Up The James Bond Golden Gun 1:1 Scale Prop Replica For $800

Officially licensed collectibles usually cost quite a bid as we previously mentioned. Movie prop replicas are even more out of reach, usually costing as much as four figures or more. Not in the case of the James Bond The Golden Gun Limited Edition Prop Replica by Factory Entertainment, though.