Ghostbusters Plasma Series Hits Up HasLab With Screen-Accurate Spengler’s Proton Pack

What do you know? Hasbro’s HasLab has not two, but three HasLab projects going on right now. In addition to the G.I. Joe Skystriker and Star Wars The Black Series Rancor figure, there’s a Ghostbusters Plasma Series Spengler’s Proton Pack too.

Custom Jurassic Park John Hammond Cane Has An Amber With A Real Crane Fly In It

There is no lack of Jurassic Park merchandise. It ranges from dino toys to games like a pinball machine, and more recently a Transformers crossover toy set. Even so, there are no prop-worthy pieces other than maybe Jeff Goldblum’s shirtless statue (maybe?). But thankfully, there’s AWOLReplicaProps.

Here’s The Life-size Masters Of The Universe Skeletor Havoc Staff Prop Replica

Good news, Skeletor wannabe. Your journey to becoming the villain with a bare skull for head can begin with his magical weapon: the Masters of the Universe Skeletor Havoc Staff Prop Replica.

You Can Pick Up The James Bond Golden Gun 1:1 Scale Prop Replica For $800

Officially licensed collectibles usually cost quite a bid as we previously mentioned. Movie prop replicas are even more out of reach, usually costing as much as four figures or more. Not in the case of the James Bond The Golden Gun Limited Edition Prop Replica by Factory Entertainment, though.

Ghostbusters Fan Made His Own Ghostbusters: Afterlife Polaroid Ecto Goggles

Self-described “child of the 80’s living the geek lifestyle,” member of Ghostbusters ATX and obvious super fan of Ghostbusters, Eugene Stephens, has made a pair of working Polaroid Ecto Googles as briefly seen in the German version of the Ghostbusters: Afterlife movie trailer.

Boatloads Of Props From Netflix’s Marvel TV Shows Are Going On The Block

Marvel fans, specifically fans of Marvel TV series like, you know, Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, you will want to know about this props and costumes auction. Organized by Prop Store and Marvel, the Marvel Television Live Auction will happen on August 12-13, with online bidding already underway.

Horror Artist Made Realistic Prop Pies With Creepy Human Face Top Crust

When a horror artist who also thinks ‘pies’, you know something bizarre is going to be produced. Such is in the case of Ashley Newman of It Came From Under My Bed. Ashley is a horror artist who also loves making creepy objects, including the prop pies . And the pies she make are not …

DIY Wolverine Claws Gives You Wolvie’s Claws Without Breaking Your Skin

You know, every time Logan, AKA Wolverine, unleash his life-taking appendages, he feels pain because popping out those adamantium-coated razor-sharp claws would means breaking his skin from the inside out. Every. Single. Time. With that being said, why would you yourself through the agony like Logan did. I mean, seriously, you don’t have healing ability …

And This Is How You Make A Real-Life Pokémon Egg Incubator

I am sure there’s no shortage of Pokémon-related merchandises, officially-licensed or not, in the market, but also, I am quite sure there’s no Egg Incubator among those merchandises. For the uninitiated, the Egg Incubator is a in-game device that incubates a special egg (duh…) that will only hatch if you walk the required distance (but …

Original Star Trek Starship Enterprise TV Show Model Restored At SNASM

Star Trek Starship Enterprise maybe a fictional spaceship but it was product of creative imagination of movie makers and a mark of mankind’s desire for deep space exploration, which makes the original starship Enterprise model worthy of a place in the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum. And museum it did head to in 1974 …