Good news, Skeletor wannabe. Your journey to becoming the villain with a bare skull for head can begin with his magical weapon: the Masters of the Universe Skeletor Havoc Staff Prop Replica.

Masters of the Universe Skeletor Havoc Staff Replica
Gorgeous piece, but it comes with a cost that, thankfully, is not your face.

Costume and impressive physique not included. But hey, at least there’s no need to summon the dark entity Hardok and trade your beautiful face to become the super villain with shrieking voice. I’d say that a good start. Perfect for cosplayers who want a more accurate companion piece with their Skeletor outfit.

This all purple, all-metal (!) Masters of the Universe Skeletor Havoc Staff is a 1:1 scale replica that measures 206 cm (81 inches!) long featuring a detailed ram head skull. It is the first-ever full scale Masters of the Universe replica.

Unfortunately, you can’t actually summon evil power with this impressive replica. Also, it will NOT emit life annihilating lasers. But hey, it is super detailed and it is life size. What more can a Skeletor wannabe asked? A skull face? Well, about that… you will have pick up a mask or something.

The Masters of the Universe Skeletor Havoc Staff Prop Replica is the first in a line of Masters of the Universe replicas from Factory Entertainment and it can be yours if you are willing to part with US$549.99 of your hard-earned money.

Masters of the Universe Skeletor Havoc Staff Replica
A closer look at the ram head skull.

Factory Entertainment is accepting pre-order for this replica. And the good news is, there’s an early bird discount that will let secure you a unit for US$499.99. Though it is not clear how long this price will hold. There’s catch, though; the product won’t be shipped until November 2021.

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Images: Factory Entertainment.

Hat tip: SuperHeroType.

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