Stefan Marjoram J40 Austin Pedal Car Concepts

Here’s a product that will tug the heart strings of the classic automobile enthusiasts. What you see here is the J40 Austin Pedal Car Concepts penned by renowned multi-disciplinary artist Stefan Marjoram.

For the uninitiated, J40 Motor Company is a pedal car maker that ceased operation in 1971, but it was relaunched in April 2020 by Burlen Ltd, an automotive spare parts maker and restoration company. Pedal car is basically kiddie ride of the early days and a equivalent of today’s electric-powered kiddie ride.

Stefan Marjoram J40 Austin Pedal Car Concepts

Anyhoo, the return of J40 Motor Company means anyone who owns the Austin Pedal Car can continue to find parts to keep the kids’ version of Austin in working condition and looking like it was before.

But that’s not the point of this news. The real news here is, the Stefan Marjoram J40 Pedal Car Concepts. It is a modern take of the J40 and boy, it is looking absolutely gorgeous.

Stefan Marjoram J40 Austin Pedal Car Concepts

Stefan Marjoram J40 Pedal Car Concept is essentially a sportier J40, featuring a larger wheels with tires tightly tucked into the free-flowing arches, lowered and extended wings, and an aero windshield. In short, it has a decidedly sporty profile that answers the question of “what if the Austin was a sports car?”

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The new design also boasts a new grilled, bumpers and headlights. Along with the new vision, is a new ‘racing’ version with side exit exhaust and double stripes design.

For now, Stefan Marjoram J40 Austin Pedal Car Concepts are, well, just concepts. No words if they will be made, or if they will be, when. I am pretty they will be made. I mean, that’s the whole point of relaunching the company, innit?

Here’s a photo of a classic J40 for those who don’t what it looks like:

Images: J40 Motor Company.