A person who has knee or any lower limb joint issues should avoid activities like running where impacts that would reverberate to those area of concern. That means jogging for the purpose of keeping fit is out of question, but not if Aqua Treadmill by Osaka City based Water Walker & Spa can help. By the virtue of the product name, you should already have some idea what it is. Aqua Treadmill is basically treadmill submerged in water, so you can jog with lesser impact.

When inside the water, a person would weigh around 20 percent and therefore, it could be used for injury therapy and since water has resistance to movements, Aqua Treadmill is also suitable for strengthening muscles too. The setup resembles a bath tub, except that it has transparent sides and it is significantly taller, and it, of course, has a moving surface at the bottom for treading. The unusually tall height is necessary to allow chest level of water to be filled.

Aqua Treadmill by Water Walker & Spa

Also on the inside, you will find monitors that display status, data and whatnot. You know, those stuff you will find on a treadmill, but this one appears to be more advanced and sophisticated. To be honest, Aqua Treadmill feels like a medical-grade equipment more than fitness equipment, while so, it applications are wide and varied, including home use, hospitals, hotels and gym.

However, it does not come cheap. We do not know exactly how much it is in Japanese currency, but according to our source, it will cost about £69,000 (!), which works out to be around US$90,000. Keep going catch the product intro video.

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Aqua Treadmill by Water Walker & Spa

Aqua Treadmill by Water Walker & Spa

Images: Water Walker & Spa.

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