an aquarium can hardly be categorized as a water feature. you can argue otherwise but ask yourself this: does your aquarium overflow and spill over to all four sides, making it look like a magical cube of water without any form of restraint? we bet it doesn’t and that’s why you will need the ZeroEdge Classic 46 Rimless Aquarium to qualify as a part aquarium, part water feature that will leave your guest in awe. according to its maker, the overflowing water is so seamless that you won’t realize it is actually water spilling over until you touch it. a perimeter drain channel is in place to direct and drain the spills into the sump hidden away in the cabinet beneath, where it is then pumped back into the tank via return lines located at the bottom of the tank. this water circulation keeps the water oxygen rich and thus keeping it crystal clean. and since the water from below, the clutter necessary for the functioning of the tank is hidden away and therefore there will not be any cords, pipes or whatever that could mar its beautiful form – even when you are looking down from the top. though such exotic interior decor doesn’t come cheap: such a set up, in this case – the ZeroEdge Classic 46 Rimless Aquarium, will punch a $2,795 hole in your bank account. also available in 22-gallon model (known as Classic 22). learn more about ZeroEdge rimless aquarium HERE. ZeroEdge aquariums are handcrafted at its facility in Illinois and as such, it would only be practical for purchase if you reside in the USA.

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ZeroEdge via Drool’d

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