if you are looking at getting the most out of your skateboard – we have a bad news for you: it is only as fast your leg could kick, but if you are open to outside of the box skating ideology, then go for the Wheelman Motorized Skateboard instead. take it as natural progression for your insatiable need for speed and your desire to go anywhere with it (except for places occupied by water, of course). sure. it has two huge knobby wheels, which defy the definition of a regular skateboard but still, its 2 hp 49cc two-stroker is capable of offering you an exhilarating ride thought nearly any kind of terrains at a speedy 20 mph (32 km/h). 20 miles an hour may not sound like much but when you have nothing but two wheels balancing under you, that sure is a hell lot of adrenalin pumping extreme sport there. other features include large 10″ wheels wrapped in 14″ knobby tired for tackling all sort of terrains, a one-liter (1/4 gallon) gas tank good for 20 miles range (32 km), rear wheel chain driven with auto tensioner (yee-har! it is wheelie-friendly!), tethered handheld throttle and brake control, a sturdy stainless steel frame and footings that can accommodate either regular or goofy style. the Wheelman Motorized Skateboard is capable of transporting up to a 260 pounds (118 kg) frame, though its unladen weight of 57 pounds (26 kg) might not be suitable for the mall or campus. why? you can’t possibly skate around on a fume thrower (thought it the motor is EPA approved) in any air-conditioned environment, can you? park outside? then be prepared to have your $500 ride scoot away in no time. check a video of the Wheelman Motorized Skateboard in action after the break.

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