Traqpod Carving Skateboard Is Like The Sports Car Of Skateboard

And here we are, thinking that skateboard is dead. Not only it is not dead, it is looking rather futuristic. Or was it only the Traqpod? Coming from Spanish urban mobility startup, La Revolta, the Traqpod is unlike any skateboard we have seen. It is not electric. It is possibly the Lamborghini of skateboards.

Unlimited x Loaded Conversion Kit Lets You Turn Any Skateboard Into An Electric Skateboard

You know how it goes. You have always wanted a powered skateboard, but at the same time, you find it hard to let go of your favorite non-powered skateboard. If that’s the dilemma you have facing, well, we have got good news. Longboard maker Loaded Boards and electric drive engineering company Unlimited Engineering has teamed […]

This Tiny Electric Skateboard Offers ‘Unlimited’ Range – If You Pack A Bunch Of Batteries With You

Walnut Tech AKA Walnutt, the electric skateboard maker with a thing for tiny skateboards, has just announced the pre-sale of its third-generation Spectra X electric skateboard and it is, well, tiny. Despite the diminutive size, Spectra X promised to deliver “a perfect balance of portability and range.” It has almost “unlimited range” – thanks to […]

Artist Created A Skateboard That Has A Street Signpost As Its Deck

You have seen the man turned a cement mixer truck into a huge-ass disco ball, and cruelly turned a Ford Mondeo into a firewood pizza oven and sliced a Fiat into two halves to become chip shop, now meet Benedetto Bufalino’s latest creation: Le Poteau Cédez Le Passage Skateboard, or Street Signpost Skateboard. Street Signpost […]

Teenager Paid $800,000 For A Bunch Of Supreme Skate Decks In An Auction

If, after reading the headline, you are asking what the hell are you doing with your life, well, you are not alone. I was asking myself the same. Why am still here furiously typing on an aging MacBook Pro on an aging Apple Wireless Keyboard and look an aging Apple Cinema Display for a paltry […]

Chanel Drops Designer Skateboard And Surfboard. Yes, Seriously

French fashion house Chanel better known for chic women fashion pieces and perfumes, has dropped two items which we never in the world expect to find in its collection. So what is that we are the items that surprised us? A skateboard and a surfboard. Yes, my friends, Chanel-branded skateboard and Chanel-branded surfboard are a […]

Razer Chroma Is Coming To Electric Cars And Electric Skateboards

Razer‘s ingenious RGB lighting solution, Chroma, was originally conceived as a means of immersive gaming experience. But we heard that Chroma is stepping out to beyond gaming. No. It is not a Razer Chroma Toaster, or any appliance for that matter. It is much bigger than a toaster. Razer Chroma is getting inside cars in […]

3D Printed Titanium Skateboard Truck Is A Possibly That’s Very Expensive

3D printed titanium is a luxury that’s probably reserved for companies like Bugatti. Since after VW’s Bugatti revealed the world’s first 3D printed titanium brake caliper, it has went on and got the innovative brake caliper tested. The test vindicated the power of titanium when under the duress of extreme heat which, if you think […]

Believe It Or Not, IKEA USA Is Selling Skateboard Too

You can find skateboard being sold everywhere. However, the last place you probably expect to find skateboards is IKEA. Well, as it turns out, Ikea USA indeed do sell skateboards and it is called IKEA Spänst Skateboard Cruiser. Spänst is, btw, no way related to skateboard. It is loosely translated to “elasticity.” Is IKEA trying […]

Free Skate Is Like The Lovechild Of A Skateboard And Inline Skate

In Today I Learn, we found there is such a thing called Free Skates (not to be confused with figure skating’s free skating segment, btw). No. Free Skate does not mean the skates are free. So, what the heck is Free Skates, anyways? Well, it is sort of like a cross between inline skates, AKA […]