Jeweler Tiffany & Co. is not just known for jewelries; it is also quite famous for turning out luxury ordinary products like a $350 rose gold straw, $1,000 tin can et cetera. These latest additions, however, is less ridiculous than the previous offerings.

Tiffany Drops Exclusive Sporting Goods

The American luxury jewelry retailer is offering a few delightful sporting goods at its Tokyo-exclusive drops in time to celebrate its two-year anniversary of Tiffany @ Cat Street, a concept store that open for business since 2019.

The collection, collectively referred to as Tiffany @Cat Street Limited Sports Product, include skateboard decks, a rugby ball, a soccer ball and a basketball. The rugby ball is produced by Gilbert while the soccer and basketball are released in collaboration with Spalding

These products are finished in Tiffany Blue, complete with obligatory Tiffany & Co. branding as well as the kawaii Tiffany @ Cat logo.

It looks like the Tiffany @Cat Street Limited Sports Product collection is available in store at Tiffany @ Cat Street at Shibuya, Tokyo and on specific days.

The Tiffany x Spalding Basketball, which will sell for 69,300 yen (around US$628), will be available on July 2.

The Tiffany x Spalding Soccer Ball and the Tiffany x Gilbert Rugby Ball will also sell for 69,300 yen each when they drop on July 16.

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Meanwhile, the Skateboard Type 2 will be released on July 30 for 41,800 yen (approximately US$379). The skateboard is deck only, btw. It does not include trucks and wheels.

All images courtesy of Tiffany & Co. [JP].

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