Spalding Momentous EZ Assembly Basketball Hoop Sets Up In 30 Minutes (Or Less)

Ever wanted to be able to bring your basketball hoop around? Well, if yes, then you are in luck because there is the Spalding Momentous EZ Assembly Basketball Hoop. Technically, most portable basketball hoops can be brought to wherever you need them, but the Spalding Momentous EZ Assembly is not a typical basketball hoop.

Tiffany Drops Exclusive Sporting Goods In Tokyo, Includes A US$628 Basketball

Jeweler Tiffany & Co. is not just known for jewelries; it is also quite famous for turning out luxury ordinary products like a $350 rose gold straw, $1,000 tin can et cetera. These latest additions, however, is less ridiculous than the previous offerings.

Toyota AI Basketball Robot Set World Record For Consecutive Free Throws

These days, anything can be logged as a world record, including basketball free-throwing by an AI basketball robot. Before we get to the story, pro basketball players can rest easy because, Toyota CUE3 AI basketball robot only knows how to aim at the hoop. It is not about to takeover the sport, yet. Though so, …

Here’s The New Mini Basketball Kit From KILLSPENCER You Want To Know

KILLSPENCER is not a brand you’d associate with sports equipment. They do, however, have some really classy sporting gears. The Indoor Mini Basketball Kit we saw a few years ago is one of them. Not only it is still selling today, but there is a couple of new versions too, namely, the Polished Chrome Collection. …

KILLSPENCER’s Ascension! Installation Is One Basketball Hoop That You Don’t Want To Take The Shot

Mini basketball kit, which is basically consist of a basketball installed with a ring and net for practicing your ball skills indoor, but not with these, because they are an entirely different ball game. Dubbed Ascension! Installation, KILLSPENCER takes the previously introduced mini basketball kit several notches up the scale and transformed an otherwise regular …

ShotTracker Tracks Your Basketball Hits and Misses, Also Let You Challenge Others Remotely

Basketball enthusiasts will know how is it like to train alone. You quickly lost count of your shots, however, if you’re open to technology like the ShotTracker, that would be a thing of the past. ShotTracker is as what its name implies; it is a basketball shot tracker and trainer. The system comprises of three …

KILLSPENCER Mini Basketball Kit Lets You Turn Your Home into a Super Stylish Indoor Basketball Court

If you’re all up for a game of basketball during the winter time, then indoor basketball is the way to go, but unless you have a sprawling estate that wouldn’t be possible, which makes the Mini Basketball Kit by KILLSPENCER a favorable proposition. However, this is not the mini basketball that you may have known …

Leather Head Naismith Style Lace Up Basketball

style transcends everything; from the clothing you wear to the gadgets and even sports gear you use. speaking of style, we are familiar with the former two, but how do you stand out, say for example, in a basketball court? well, the maestro of leathered sports gear, Leather Head has the perfect answer: the Leather Head

Hoop Tracker Basketball Smartwatch

another smartwatch? yes. it is, but the Hoop Tracker Basketball Smartwatch plays it smart in another way. it is the world’s first basketball watch designed to track your basketball performance and it has nothing to with the norm of a smartwatch. so, there will be no text messages, no caller IDs and what not, and best of all, it won’t be needing your smartphone to do the job.