Never mind that Supreme New York has alienated itself from the skateboard culture in which it had established itself. Supreme is beyond just streetwear fashion now; it wants to touch every aspect of people’s lives. Well, at least, it tried to with the non-fashion part of its fall/winter collection.

The Weird and Wonderful Supreme Fall/Winter 2023 Collection

We have showcased a couple of products like the dartboard set and the fabulous Technics turntable from the American streetwear brand’s fall/winter 2023 collection but there is more delightful stuff, some of the products will even make go “What!?”.

One such example is the Supreme/Maxell Cassette Tapes which include 5 90-minute black cassette tapes. Yup. Believe it. The collection did not include a Walkman or cassette tape player which I thought was a missed opportunity.

However, there are no big-ticket items this time like the spring/summer collection.

The Weird and Wonderful Supreme Fall/Winter 2023 Collection

Anyhoo, the 47 items also include a beautiful Supreme/Miyabi Birchwood Santoku 7” Knife, a Supreme/Rotary Hero Sticker Bricks Stool/Side Table, a Supreme/Ride Snowboard, a Supreme/Harmon Kardon Soundsticks, a Rawlings REV1X Aerial Baseball Glove and Aerial Baseball, Supreme/Koss PortaPro Headphone, Supreme/Spalding Mini Basketball Hoop, a Supreme/Pentel Presto Correction Pen (yup, believe it!), and for some reasons, screw pin – just to name a few.

There is a super cool 4D Model Human Skull which is a 17-piece human skull model/puzzle, if anyone’s interested. You can check out the entire fall/winter 2023 collection HERE.

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Images: Supreme.

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