There are keyboards for gamers and then there is a keyboard for the rest and it is called MONOKEI Standard. Designed in Malaysia and Singapore, MONOKEI Standard is a prebuilt mechanical keyboard that combines the best of custom kits and a regular everyday input device that you can use anytime, anywhere.

MONOKEI Standard Mechanical Keyboard

While pre-built, it is as customizable as any mechanical keyboard in the market. You are free to change the switches to suit your usage scenario or habit and you can also swap out the keys to give it a fresh look every now and then.

There is a choice of silent MX Silent Reds switches, the MX Reds for those who prefer a more vocal keyboard, or for users with the mantra of go loud or go home, there’s the MX Brown that emphasizes the clickery clack of your fast and furious typing.

The MONOKEI Standard features doubleshot PBT keycaps for an exceptional typing feel, complemented by its polycarbonate plate – supported by strips of gaskets that cushion the typing while providing firm and assured feedback -, Cherry PCB mount stabilizers, and Cherry MX switches.

MONOKEI Standard Mechanical Keyboard

Core attributes comprise hot-swap capability, USB-C compatibility, multi-device functionality, and a 30-day Bluetooth battery life. Oh, that’s right. It is both wired and wireless. The former is a USB-C to C connection while the latter supports connection via Bluetooth 5.1 with up to 4 devices so you can quickly switch between all your devices. It is compatible with macOS, iOS, Windows as well as Android.

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Available in Classic White, Blush Pink, Suave Blue, and Dream Lilac, it offers customizable accent keys and distinctive legends to suit individual preferences.

We were told that MONOKEI is having a Black Friday sale where you can score a prebuilt mechanical keyboard at 15% less. This offer will end on November 27. Go check it out.

MONOKEI Standard Mechanical Keyboard
MONOKEI Standard Mechanical Keyboard

Images: MONOKEI.

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