During the keynote for the Redmagic 9 Pro Series, Redmagic also announced something really special and pretty damn exciting. Redmagic revealed that it has collaborated with Ninebot for a Redmagic-themed go-kart, dubbed Redmagic x Go-Kart 2nd Gen Special Edition. Like, who would have thought a smartphone maker would get into a collab with a scooter maker, right?

You must be wondering what a go-kart has to do with a gaming smartphone. Well, ordinarily, there is no relation between the two but the Redmagic x Ninebot Go-kart 2nd Gen Special Edition is no regular old go-kart. Not even by Ninebot’s standard. Because this go-kart is also a game controller.

Redmagic x Ninebot Go-kart 2nd Gen Special Edition

The steering wheel is also a functional game controller that allows you to play driving/racing video games when hooked up to a video game console or PC. However, it is not clear how it achieves the connection and if a smartphone on the big screen is supported. And when you are bored with racing and/or drifting in the virtual world, this go-kart is an actual go-kart boasting 3-speed and drifting capability.

Beyond this little information, little is known about this super cool go-kart/game controller. It is not clear when it will go on sale and for how much – if it is even available to buy. But it is most likely available to buy since Redmagic did say that there are three color variants to choose from, namely, Silver D-Force Edition, Pink Redmagic Princess Edition, and a Black and Red Edition.

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Image: Nubia [CH] via Weibo [CH].

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