You know why whenever there is a magnetic connector that promised to make charging your device a painless affair gets so much buzz? Cos’ every magnetic connector that surface is viewed as a direct challenge to Apple’s patent. We took a while to write this, cos’ we want to be sure that this wonderful little gadget accessory called Znaps is cool legally. But we never established that, so for now, we will take the company’s words for it. So what is Znaps anyway? Simply put, Znaps is a two-part adapter that adds MagSafe-style charging solution to your smartphone.

The accessory consists of an adapter for the charging cable and the phone’s charging port. When fitted, it will do exactly like what MagSafe does for your MacBook, which includes super easy plugging and unplugging, and prevent “flying phone” when you accidentally snag the cable. Think you get the idea. The connector on the phone port has a slight protrusion but Znaps said they have tested it with all sort of cases to ensure fitment. On top of that, a silicone ring on the adapter creates a waterproof seal around the port and oh, it is totally reversible too. The latter could be turn out be a tricky part, since reversibility is specifically stated in the patent.

When asked about the risk of patent infringement, Znaps claimed due diligence was made by “their patent lawyer” and they concluded that by developing an adapter as oppose to an entire cable, they are not infringing on Apple’s patent. Well, legality can be a thorny issue which may not sounds as simple, but I guess only time will tell. In the meantime, if you are so enticed by the idea, you can join the 34,383 backers, who helped to racked up a record $1.2 million CAD in funding so far, in pre-ordering a set for $11 CAD (or about US$9).

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Delivery is estimated to be in November 2015, but looking at the numbers it has to fulfil, we wonder if Znaps will be able to keep up with the demand to meet the promised dateline? Do not get us wrong. We love the idea, but for now, we will be sitting out to see how the whole thing unfolds. With the buzz Znaps is getting, I am pretty sure Apple’s lawyers are already on top of it.

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