Have A Broken Lightning Cable? Well Then, Repair It With BLUFIXX Kit!

This one popped up in our inbox and we are instantly intrigued. What you see here is the BLUFIXX Kit for Low Voltage Cables, a light curing cable repair kit that lets you fix broken cable stealth. We love how Zeljiko, whom emailed us, pointed out that it is “especially for the expensive white ones.” […]

Znaps Adds MagSafe-like Magnetic Charging Solution to Mobile Devices

You know why whenever there is a magnetic connector that promised to make charging your device a painless affair gets so much buzz? Cos’ every magnetic connector that surface is viewed as a direct challenge to Apple’s patent. We took a while to write this, cos’ we want to be sure that this wonderful little […]

Surprise! Your Favorite LEGO Minifig Could Be A Cable Holder Too

surprise. surprise. for geeks out there who also happens to love LEGO: do you know that LEGO minifigures hands are also a prefect holder for your Apple Lightning cable and other types of cables? amazing, but true. we just tried it ourselves and for a moment, little Han Solo was holding one of our many […]

iLanyard Earbuds Cord Stay

what do you do when you need to take your sunglasses off momentarily and still keep your hands free? well, you either push it up and wear it like a hairband, or you use a dedicated cord and let it hang off your neck. now, you can’t do the same with audio earbuds, can you? actually…

Cordito On-The-Go Cable Management

cable clutter is a modern day’s man woes and if you are always on the move, that woe extends beyond your desktop to your bag. the scenario of pulling a whole bunch of cables is not uncommon, but with the Cordito, it empowers you with on-the-go cable management where a messy of tangle cables will be a thing…

CordArmor for Apple Lightning Cable

torn or broken Apple cable. we all been there at some point, don’t we? and at 19 bucks, replacement ain’t exactly cheap, more so if it keeps happening time and time again (which it will). there are a few solutions in existence to this pesky problem, but we thought the CordArmor for Apple Lightning Cable might just hit the nail on the head

Bluelounge CableBin Cable Management System

however elegant is your home, you can never get away with cable clutter. it is a disease in the gadget world that’s not going to go away anytime soon. even with the propagation of wireless solutions, we are still being plagued by it, cos’ after all, those gadgets still need to be powered and/or charged.

Bluelounge Rolio

we spool up our garden hose, our cable, heck even vacuum has it’s own spooling system, so why should our 1 meter Apple Lightning cable left unspooled? well, here’s one nifty accessory that will let you spool up your Lightning cable for a neater gadget life. before you jump in and says “big deal, i have seen such contraption already” we have to say the Bluelounge Rolio