There are many ways you can keep cables organized but probably none as versatile and adorable as the new ZOO Cable Wraps magnetic cable tidy. The ZOO Cable Wraps is a follow-up to Taiwan-based design studio LT’s original ZOO Cable Wraps from 2020.

ZOO Cable Wraps Magnetic Cable Tidy
Can you guess what animal is this?

As before, it is made from premium silicone that is super stretchy and flexible, thus allowing it to wrap around just about any consumer cables imaginable. Finally, the strong neodymium magnet embedded inside the halves of the adorable animal ensures that whatever gets wrapped is wrapped securely while remaining easily removable.

Each cable is 12 cm (4.72 inches) long but is able to stretch up to 20 cm (7.87 inches) without losing its form. All told, there are 11 new animals to choose from, including elephant, giraffe, croco (crocodile), hippo, pig, black pig, hedgehog, rabbit, elk, whale, and shark.

ZOO Cable Wraps Magnetic Cable Tidy

In addition to bundling up cables for neat storage and tidying up loose cables, the ZOO Cable Wraps can also serve as fridge magnets for holding up notes and whatnot. They can also be used as bag clips to keep snack bags closed and they can be used to hang stuff in certain situations. And oh, it works a cool keychain too, if so desired.

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The ZOO Cable Wraps really are the most versatile cable management accessory we have seen. You can learn more about this adorable cable management solution on Kickstarter where you can also secure a unit or more for HK$165 or more (about US$22).

ZOO Cable Wraps Magnetic Cable Tidy

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All images courtesy of LT.

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