Mowrator S1 Smart Remote Control Slope Vacuum Mower

If you have a passion for remote-controlled vehicles and also have a lawn to mow, then we have great news for you. There is a new kid in the lawnmowing block that combines your love for remote-controlled cars and the dreadful chore of maintaining the lawn. It is called Mowrator S1.

Mowrator S1 Smart Remote Control Slope Vacuum Mower

The Mowrator S1 is not just any lawn mower. It is not a robotic mower either. Well, at least not all of it is anyways. It is the world’s first Smart Remote Control Slope Vacuum Mower. The product perfectly describes what it is — with optional kits, that is! It is built to handle slopes, tough grasses, and large yards, and do it more efficiently, all with you in control.

Housed inside the Mowrator S1’s laser-welded aluminum frame is a large 21-inch deep-drawing steel blade disc with tungsten-coated blades. The motor provides the blades with an impressive 6 lb-ft of cutting torque that ensures it cuts through even the toughest grass with the same ease as a traditional gas mower.

But unlike your old mower, the Mowrator boasts cutting-edge technology, including a state-of-the-art embedded IMU that helps it stay on course even on uneven terrains. Oh, there’s a one-button zero-turn U-turn function too.

Control of the lawn mower is, well, remote, using the included remote control thus allowing you to chill out in the shade with a cold one. The controller is a typical remote control with left and right joysticks and a bunch of buttons to control the various functions of the mower. The company says the remote has less than a 5 ms control delay, so the response should be instantaneous. It even includes L2 cruise control to give your fingers a break during longer jobs.

Mowrator S1 Smart Remote Control Slope Vacuum Mower

And it’s not just about mowing—this machine is also an outdoor leaf vacuum. Though it requires an optional kit, once equipped, the Mowrator can suck up leaves and debris with 1200 W of power and 1,612 CFM. There is also an optional extended vacuum hose attachment so you can reach spots like flower beds and under the bushes. It even notifies you via the remote when the collection bag is full and allows for hands-free emptying of the bag right where you want.

Safety is a top priority with the Mowrator. It’s equipped with ultrasonic sensors to avoid obstacles, an emergency stop button, front bumpers with contact sensors, and an electronic brake for unexpected stops on slopes. Plus, it automatically powers down if it tips over or if the operator’s hands leave the controls. Wait. So how does the cruise control work? Hmmm.

The mower is outfitted with a rechargeable 18 Ah LiFePO4 battery that offers up to 1,500 cycles of use. This means it can last up to ten years on average use of mowing 3 acres per week before needing to be replaced. The battery provides 2.25 hours of run time per 90-minute charge.

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The Mowrator S1 is IPX4-rated, so it should be able to withstand light splashes from all sides. It is worth noting that IPX4 is what says on its campaign page but on the graphic-based comparison table, it is said to be IP54-rated. Now I am confused. Anyhoo, the mower further touts a low-noise operation (63 dB).

Mowrator S1 Smart Remote Control Slope Vacuum Mower

There are two models of Mowrator S1: S1 21” Advanced 2WD (or sometimes just called S1 21” Advanced) and S1 21” Pro AWD. Whether you opt for the 2WD or the more robust 4WD model, the Mowrator promises a mowing experience that covers half an acre in just an hour—far outpacing traditional mowers and robotic mowers. The key specs sheet differences between the 2WD and AWD models are the cutting heights and the gradient of the slope the machine can handle. 

The 4WD variant further boasts a go-anywhere ability. It can tackle challenging landscapes – including hills, ditches, and rough fields with the capability to climb up to a 75% gradient slope. Meanwhile, the regular 2WD model is not too shabby either. It is capable of handling a 45% gradient slope with ease. Seriously, the off-roading capability of the 4WD model makes it feel more like an RC buggy than a mower. Moreover, the 4WD is powerful enough to tow a mid-size sedan (!).

The Mowrator has taken to Kickstarter where you can secure a unit for 14,070 HKD or more (or 1,799 USD according to Mowrator) for the 2WD model and a cool 18,762 HKD or more (or 2,399 USD or more) for the 4WD variant. The 2WD and the 4WD models have an MSRP of 2,999 and 3,999 USD, respectively.

The campaign has been well received. Last check it has 13 days to go for the crowdfunding campaign but already it has no less than 270 backers contributing over US$620,000 in funding. The campaign has a funding goal of US$49,947. So, it is a go. All that is left is for Mowrator to fulfill the orders which, if all goes as planned, should be as soon as May 2024.

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Images: Mowrator.