Airseekers Tron 360° AI Vision Robotic Lawn Mower

Alright. World’s first or not, perhaps a remote control lawn mower is not for everyone. If you prefer hassle-free lawn maintenance, then a robotic lawn mower is the obvious choice. Maybe not just any robotic lawn mower, but one with 360° AI vision like the Airseekers Tron 360° AI Vision Robotic Lawn Mower.

Airseekers Tron 360° AI Vision Robotic Lawn Mower

It prides itself on not requiring complex setup or perimeter wiring. While perimeter wiring-free robotic lawn mowers are not new, the new Airseekers Tron stands out as the first 360° AI Vision Mulching Mower. So, yeah, this sleek machine not only has all-round AI-powered vision, but it also cuts and mulches grass clippings in one pass, thus eliminating the disposal step.

It is outfitted with six cameras, including three RGB cameras, dual stereo vision cameras, and a rear camera, as part of its comprehensive navigation system.

The 6-camera AI Vision navigation system, together with a ToF sensor, lends it superhuman vision for precise localization and real 360° perception, allowing it to navigate complex yards without perimeter wires and RTK stations.

It can map the yard in 3D with AI panoramic perception and VSLAM technology, and because it has such good vision, it doesn’t mind venturing under eaves or near dense trees where signals are weak. The vision also enables the machine to identify and avoid both stationary and moving obstacles.

Airseekers Tron 360° AI Vision Robotic Lawn Mower

Like the Ecoflow Blade, it also has omni-wheels at the front. These wheels are tilted 30° inward which allows for nimble movements and allow for an extremely tight turning radius.

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Like many such automated lawnmowers, you can use the companion app to create virtual boundaries, designate no-go zones, and configure pathways between multiple zones.

Other notables include a FlowCut mowing system with an anti-clogging cutting deck, removable battery, ability to create lawn art, ability to tackle 65% gradient slopes, coverage of up to 1.5 acres, higher chassis clearance for handling a variety of terrains, high-powered hub motor with triple reduction gearbox, and auto-return charging with precision docking.

The Tron is IPX6-rated, which should allow it to withstand light rain. However, it does have a rain sensor that will initiate an automatic return to the dock when it detects rain.

Airseekers Tron 360° AI Vision Robotic Lawn Mower

It also has a bunch of safety features, including a front bumper, lift detection that stops the blade when a lift is detected, and an injury prevention chamber that prevents hands from coming into contact with the blades.

It has multiple connectivity options, including 4G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, so you can remotely manage it from anywhere in the world and also receive OTA updates whenever they are available.

If you are enamored by the Airseekers Tron 360° AI Vision Robotic Lawn Mower, you can learn more on Kickstarter where it is having a crowdfunding campaign. If so desired, you can also pre-order a unit by pledging for a product for 10,170 HKD or more (or US$1,299) (MSRP: US$2,499).

The campaign has 36 days to go but it is already well over its set funding goal of US$19,994. At the time of this post, it has garnered over a million dollars in funding from over 700 backers. So, yeah, the product is a go. And if all goes as planned, it should see delivery in July 2024.

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Images: Airseekers.