Kress Robotic Mower With RTKn And Mowing Action Plan Tech Promise “Bullseye Accuracy” Navigation

One of the biggest technical challenges of a robotic lawnmower would be positioning. It has to be precise to ensure to mow every inch of the lawn and keep within the boundary. It is even more challenging doing it with no boundary wire or on-site antenna.

Honda’s First Battery-powered Electric Zero-turn Riding Mower Is Autonomous Too

The rising cost of manpower as well as the shortage has affected many industries – landscaping included. Thankfully though, there is technology to help alleviate this. One such technology, specifically for the landscaping industry, is the Honda Autonomous Work Mower (AWM), which combines cutting performance and operator comfort with high location accuracy and obstacle detection.

EcoFlow Ventures Into Robotic Lawn Mower With A Moon Rover-like Machine

Forget about a sports car-like lawn mower because if you have a messy lawn to start and/or have a fairly uneven lawn, you will need a moon rover-like robotic lawn mower such as the EcoFlow Blade Robotic Lawn Mower. EcoFlow, for the uninitiated, is the maker of electric generators.

You’d Forgiven For Mistaking This Robotic Lawn Mower From 3 Years Ago For A Car

“Advanced all-wheel-drive that handles rough terrains” are the kind of words you will find being used to describe a car but not in the case of this instance. In this instance, these words were applicable to this robotic lawn mower from 3 years ago. Even the profile looked more like a futuristic sports car than …

Honda Miimo Robotic Lawn Mower

impressed by Honda’s ASIMO robot? too bad you can’t own one to wait on you but come 2013, another Honda robot, the Miimo, will be serving the folks in Europe with one specialized chore: lawn mowing. yes, you heard that right. Honda is ready to make its robotic lawn mower commercially available to anyone who is willing to pay the price. apart from its obvious…