One of the biggest technical challenges of a robotic lawnmower would be positioning. It has to be precise to ensure to mow every inch of the lawn and keep within the boundary. It is even more challenging doing it with no boundary wire or on-site antenna.

Kress Robotic Mower with RTKn and Mowing Action Plan Tech

But one outdoor power equipment maker from Europe, Kress, claims that it can do so, “navigating large multi-zone turfgrass properties with bullseye accuracy” – thanks to an innovative positioning technology known as real-time kinematic network or RTKn (stylized as RTKn), and Mowing Action Plan (MAP).

Mission mowers, powered by Kress’s proprietary RTKn network, offer a hassle-free mowing solution. They eliminate the need for boundary wires or on-site antenna installations, requiring only a one-time virtual mapping process. Users can easily schedule the mowing, and there are five models to choose from, suitable for lawns ranging from three-quarters of an acre to nine acres in size. 

One key feature of these robotic mowers is the Regenerative Brake System (RBS™), which efficiently converts kinetic energy into stored power, extending the battery life and runtime of the mowers. Moreover, these mowers come with practical features, including an IPX5-rated washable underbody and an advanced Obstacle Avoidance System (OAS), setting them apart from other robot mowers in the market.

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Kress Robotic Mower with RTKn and Mowing Action Plan Tech

Kress Mission autonomous mowers display the ability to traverse driveways and walkways, enabling them to mow multiple zones efficiently. They continuously improve their route planning for quicker and more effective cuts. 

These models feature advanced mobile functionality, allowing the robot mowers to connect to cellular networks. This connectivity enables various benefits, such as adjusting cutting length, receiving software upgrades, remote control capability, theft protection, and the ability to adapt to weather-related working schedules.

You can learn more about the RTKn over at where you can also check out the Kress Mission robotic mowers equipped with this powerful positioning and mapping technology.

Kress Robotic Mower with RTKn and Mowing Action Plan Tech
Kress Robotic Mower with RTKn and Mowing Action Plan Tech

Images: Kress.

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