Look at the keychains you own and how you hang them up. Now, you can’t call yourself a true-blue geek if they are not remotely geek-related. If you are in this predicament, not all hopes are lost. The Keytendo Nintendo-inspired Video Game Console Keyholder Rack may just be the thing that will solve your identify crisis. It screams geek in every way, even if you are not a huge Nintendo fan and because it looks like a classic NES stuck to the wall, it is a badge honor certifying you are a big time geek. Not just any geek, but nostalgic geek.

Keytendo Nintendo-inspired Video Game Console Keyholder Rack

Keytendo sports a NES front section, complete with the requisite ‘POWER’ and ‘RESET’ buttons, the correct light and dark gray two-tone hue, and a black strip running vertically down that has two seven-pin controller ports, marked clearly in red indicating controller 1 and 2. The controller ports are where a pair of keychain styled after the classic NES controller 7-pin plug goes into and voila! Perfect marriage of keychains with the world’s most loved video game console. It couldn’t be get any more harmonious than this, could it? It is almost perfect.

Keytendo Nintendo-inspired Video Game Console Keyholder Rack

‘Almost’ because, there’s a catch: the number of controller plug keychain can be used with the keyholder rack is limited to the number of ports a NES has and that’s two. Then again, you wouldn’t want too many that would mar the look of this classy keyholder rack. For the lack of keychains it can hold, it compensate with a tray for your EDC, located at where the game cartridge would go into. Neat. Even more cool is, because the original NES cartridge bay has a cover, it helps to conceal the mess of EDC you may have. That’s super neat.

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If the Keytendo Nintendo-inspired Video Game Console Keyholder Rack does not shout super geek, seriously, I don’t what else will. It comes with all necessary brackets and hardware for securing it to the wall of your choice. If are already sold, then you may want to consider picking up a set off Amazon for a modest asking price of $29.99.

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