Super Geek Is When Your keyholder Rack Is A NES Game Console Like This

Look at the keychains you own and how you hang them up. Now, you can’t call yourself a true-blue geek if they are not remotely geek-related. If you are in this predicament, not all hopes are lost. The Keytendo Nintendo-inspired Video Game Console Keyholder Rack may just be the thing that will solve your identify …

Geco Hub Aims To Tidy Up Your Life, Starting With Not Having You Losing Anything

if you find yourself misplacing stuff on daily basis, then you are in need of a serious organization in your life and this new product from UK-based Version22, dubbed Geco Hub, might be able to lend a helping hand. to be honest, i was unsure about this product when Simon first tweeted to us, but …

The Liquid Wallet – A Key Fold Minimalist Wallet

if you really think about it, keys and wallet are two things which you won’t leave home without (or maybe your lovely smartphone too) but more often than not, they end up taking up a pocket space each. not something thrilling if you are a person who fancy taking the minimal route.

Keyper – Slim Leather Key Organizer

keychain is probably essential to most folks, but it is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. the solution? the Keyper slim leather key organizer. instead of hooking up your keys to a ring, the Keyper wants you to keep each key as separates and slot them elegantly, if not uber-stylishly, into four individually stitched key slots.