Musicians, music lovers, metalheads, and guitarists who are in a dire need of a solution to their key problems may want to check out the Marshall Jack Rack II key organizer.

Marshall Jack Rack II Key Organizer

Marshall Jack Rack II is not just any key organizer. It is a key organizer that speaks volumes of what you love and/or do because it is presented in the shape of a guitar amplifier.

Whether is it a classic JCM800, the slick all-black stealth version, or the 25th anniversary Silver Jubilee with Jim Marshall autograph, Marshall Jack Rack II offers a very music-centric way to keep your keys organized.

At the lower half of the guitar amp is a bank of four non-functional but real guitar inputs that lets you plug in the included guitar cable jack keychains.

Marshall Jack Rack II Key Organizer

At this point, I don’t believe we have to say more or argue how cool this key organizer is.

Marshall Jack Rack II can be had for US$30.64-US$33.99 from Amazon. In case you don’t fancy Marshall, there is an officially licensed Fender key holder, going for US$26.98.

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Marshall Jack Rack II Key Organizer
Marshall Jack Rack II Key Organizer

Images: Marshall.

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