iPlate brings your inner Photoshop-geek to the dinning table

iPlate Import Food 640x600px
(photos: Todd Borka) iPlate by Todd Borka | €25.00 | toddborka.ultra-book.com

good news Photoshop geeks! remember the time that your mum (or for some, wife) had to drag you off from your computer to the dinning table because you are all too engrossed in your awesome and pricey photo editing software? well, thanks to French illustrator Todd Borka, there’s the ultimate fix for you – at least, enough to tie you through your dreadful dinner meal. introducing the iPlate – the plate that is decorated in your familiar Photoshop environment that should keep you occupied while you consuming your much needed calories. though you can’t do COMMAND-Z to undo what’s on your dinner plate or resize your food, it sure will add some fun to your home dinning experience. the best part is, you can actually buy the iPlate over at Ulule, a concept product store operating around Quirky’s concept. speaking of which, the sale (aka your purchase) will only go through if the minimum pre-sales figure is reached. the iPlate is available with a pre-sale price of €25 each (about US$34) and there are four designs to choose from: “Import Food”, “Edit Food”, “Image Size”, and “Ctrl Z”. a closer look at the iPlate after the break.
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Ulule via psfk

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